Tardaron cinco horas en reportar asesinatos

چیہواہواPasaron al menos cinco horas para las autoridades estatles recibieran el primer reporte del los padres jesuitas javier campos morales ya joaquin césar mora salazar, y del guía turístico pedro eliodirélézel, guyder. Guerrero alias “El Chueco”, el lunes 20 de junio.

Data were provided by Father Javier “El Pato” Ávila Aguirre, the Gobierno del Estado and the Emergency Services 911 permitting that this crime was committed at 13:00 hours.

Accompanied by a realistic announcement by the father “Pato”, he was in the middle of the night when he was informed about the ascension of the sacchardotes in the community of Cerocahui, the municipality of Urique, waiting for the Gobierno of the state 18:00. If you report the presence of three people without life in the village, approaching the distance of 370 kilometers from the city of Chihuahua.

In the first official communication, the 11:12 pm de lunes, the Gobierno state informed that since the report was activated by the mechanics of coordination with the Secretariat of the National Defense (Sedena) in the defense of the defense.

For the mediation of the Martes he gave a conviction that he was operative or that he had been discouraged and that he had succumbed to the Guardia Nacional, the Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE), the State Agency for Investigations (AEI) and the Secretariat Secretary ۔

The same thing happened when Fue en la mañana cuando se reportó a la linea de emergencia la privación de la libertad de dos hombres identificados como Paul Osvaldo B. y Armando B., as como de una mujer y un menor de peroosad. The last of us will not be disappointed, since the confirmation of the fiscal general of the state, Roberto Fierro.

Respect the casket of turmeric and the saccharides, the Fiscalí refirió that Pedro Eliodoro fue “levantado” pasadas at 13:00 hras and l avado a tempo de misma communidad, en donde fue privado de la jesujunitas.

On the other hand, the SSPE received various calls for emerging services between the 20s and the 21st of June. At 23:53 hours the lunes sent a message in which a person appeared before a Facebook post announcing that they had ten families communicating with 911 to provide data.

The 0:35 hours of Martes were followed by a fight with a woman who wanted to report her son, Pedro Eliodoro Palma Gutiérrez, 60 years ago.

A minute later, at 00:36 o’clock, Pedro communicates with his friend to tell him that from the two tunes of Lunes did not contest the cellular and Brindó datos about the vestimenta que levaba: Player azul de la claro el claro “campaign Gambling “.

The father “Pato” declares that these are the comrades of the Martians and that the great trustee who embarks on the Purodida of the Sassardotes, that many of us do not believe in the Cerocahunes of the Urs. su Labor Social.

Indicates that even though the calma prevails, there is a solid temor that provokes the violence of Violence in the face of religious fanaticism of the community and the citizens who visit it.

“I feel in those people a little too much, too much, too little, too much, but it is impossible in these things that the gentry empathize with many things and tensions.

Puntialize that the sacchardotes of the Competition of Jesus do not retreat from the sierra, but still reunite with the father of the province Luis Gerardo Moro Madrid to negotiate the situation that would be the Orden traces these lametables hechos.