Team USA Basketball, NBC is ashamed of this constant defeat

Before we reach the 8,000-pound pink hippopotamus in one corner of the room, let’s look at the 7,000-pound purple rhinoceros in the other corner.

Really, NBC? Moore?

Here is the subject of seven different emails that I picked up from a friend of a basketball fan on Sunday, everything is exactly the same except for the variety of words in parentheses: “What’s up? [HECK] What is Peck?

Of course, NBC probably knew something none of us knew when it decided to start the American basketball team’s Olympic career against France on Sunday morning, and it was usually Dwight Shrut. And assigned a channel to monitor Michael Scott’s testament. . Because he must have done a great favor to Greg Papuch and his staff.

In your own way France 83, USA 76 Mike Tyson of February 11, 1990 was the modern era of buster Douglas Fight, which also took place in Tokyo and in which almost no one saw the house. USA basketball may no longer be an invincible Iron Mike, but it’s amazing when it loses, but NBC is no more amazing than keeping it away from free TV. This is not a team handball, after all (all respect for the team’s handball).

As far as the pink hippocampus is concerned? Look, this is no longer Frederick Weiss’s France team. China defeated the United States in the 2019 World Cup in China. That includes three great NBA players from Utah’s Rudy Gobert, the Celtics’ Ivan Fournier and the Coppers’ Nicholas Batham (and the Knicks’ Frank Natelkina, who was an injury scratch). We knew that the United States, especially Nigeria and Australia, was suffering from the Olympics after the Olympic-friendly losses.

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But it was different. The United States had previously lost five games in Olympic history to 1972. Each one was different. The first Russian loss in Munich in 1972 was a robbery, but before that there was a return to an unusual last mess (thrown by two pressure-filled Doug Collins) who put their hearts in a crushing position. ۔

Russia’s ’88 defeat in Seoul was a basketball routine. Russia was better that night. In 2004, of the three losses in Athens, there was a shocking blow (via Puerto Rico), a four-year payout game (Lithuania) and a semi-final loss to Argentina in which the winners simply beat the losers. ۔

It was something else.

Team America surprisingly lost to France on Sunday.
Team America surprisingly lost to France on Sunday.
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It was a 74-67 American lead with a time of 3 minutes and 41 seconds. It was a 16-2 French run to end the game.

It was a USA basketball stunt, not at the Olympics like this, never before. It’s almost unbelievable that a team with Kevin Durant, Dame Laylard and company can’t stop a seven-point game in less than four years. But it happened.

(Or at least that’s what happened. We’re still trying to get in touch with one of the 16 American families that has Moore.)

“I think if you think the Americans just wanted to win the ball and win, it’s a bit of a confinement,” Popovich said. “We have to work for him like everyone else. And for those 40 minutes, he was playing better than us.

Soon, Popovich will have to deal with the fact that he is not coaching Hikori High. When you accept Job Coaching USA Basketball, you have a legacy of history: three straight gold medals, a total of 15 (of which 18 have competed), 25 straight wins (Sunday To), 138-5 all-time record.

Now 138-6.

“France is a good team and they play very well together,” said Jوrio Holiday, an American player who really glorifies himself as he celebrates the Boxing Championships in Japan. I got the latest position in just a few hours. “There were times when we were ten or more and we have to keep going. I think we’re going to improve every game.”

That’s probably fine. That’s right- this is no longer just hope. Now it is officially a necessity.


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