Technology has perfected the cornea transplant: expert

The new mundial organ that transplants more is the cornea. In Mexico, this type of cirrhosis has allowed many people to recover from the disease.

Sin is the transplant of cervix, for people who are not able to recover the vista.

It is almost as if we were in our mid-80’s, but the practical medicine and the technology have made a remarkable difference. Consciousness in the gente, even a little bit of hassle in the material of donor organs.

Platicams with Dr. César Gómez Peralta, who realized more than 500 kidney transplants in Mexico.

CGP: The cornea is the first lente anterior that we have in the eye and it is magnificent the image that enters our eyes; However, when algae need a transplant of the cornea basically it is because the cornea is opaque.

BB: Á Cuáles son las razones?

CGP: You can get rid of the infestations, if there are any distortions, degenerations, algae that have an accident and then a herd in the skin, in the cicatrice total clara, cicatriza with a licorice. The cornea pues is something that you don’t see. There are metabolic, immunological and demonic infections that can cause this to happen.

BB: That is why it is so important to donate organs.

CGP: correction. The donations made to the specifics have to be made by a donor who has fallen short. Ahora, the grandeur that you have on the rest of the organisation and is important, is the organ that is more than all, more or less the same. Nutri a través de las lágrimas, no de nustra sangre, entonces eso le da el privilegio de que no tenemos que ser compatibles de sangre ya de differenterentes cosas como en los otrosósólios. We want to tell them that in this year of operations we have intercourse with our children and there is no such thing as a talc, the recuperation is usually my budget, like one of the two of them, and it is a matter of what they are, and what it is. uneto muyéto et tene.

BB: ¿How often does a cornea transplant have the potential to be?

CGP: Habitually, when there are deformations of the eyes, the operas and the sighing of the day are more or less the same, because it is a normal archetypal, which is one of the most important things. We know that there is a poodle hidratadas, and that is what a pose esmeriladas. Yo les doy habitually cuatro semanas para que esta cornea donada se integre en el organismo.

BB: What can you do with a problem?

CGP: Claro. And as soon as we arrive at the hospital we have a case that resonates a lot, including in the United States, because it is a child of a couple of months that can be seen with us by a corneal problem, who decides that the lazy reto of his, his nervous optico , all was well, but not with a padecimiento that if we call it escalation, it was completely empty and we met the two ojitsos, there was a circus, there was a moment in a moment of rejoicing. ojo, ella empezó a ver. If there is a case of execution and this is what happens when the cornea transplant has an impact on the patient’s life, it has an impact on the family, which can be traversed.

BB: The people that we are looking for correctly or their invitations, how can we be patient if we accept this type of transplant?

CGP: Normally we give the transplant of the cervix to algae that with the lentes of the armpit or with the lentes of the contact or with the other type of cirrhosis, the manor of the transplant, no log.

Normally we give the transplant of the cervix to algae that with lentes of armament or with lentes of contact or with other type of cirrhosis, manor a la transplante, no logra ver

BB: I say, and want to get rid of the organ donations, since the seeds are not as difficult as other organisms.

CGP: Exactly the difference between the two organisms, which is usually given in vivo, in general, and it seems that there is always a lot of compatibility between the two, not the skin, because it has to be a good donor. When you are a donor, you will have laboratory tests for knowing that you do not have SIDA, hepatitis, etcetera; We see that we are all negatives, especially in a laboratory that has been studied in Cernea, and this Cernea is really the cellularity that we have in the part of Abajo, that we have an intimate, demonous deity. and complete with character characters from candid for donor. However, when the donor is sano y la córnea está sanana, this c sirrnea sirve para que se se pueda transplantar sanamente en los primeros siete días después de que fallece el donador.

BB: Why is the technology advanced for these surrogates?

CGP: The mayor part of these 500 transplants that he had just arrived at the Angels Lomas Hospital. We have a very active program that involves a lot of people, from the General of the Hospital, from the disease, from the consultants, Lore Garza, who helps me with the logistics of the girls transplanter, it is a matter of nonsense. nosotros; Yet, with the passage of time the circumcision is the same, without embargo, with the apparatus that has given us the most accurate and logical hassle, since there are many, a kind of transplant that no one can repeat in life. Thanks to the technology that has been developed for many years.