TELA: From Zendaya and Denis Villeneuve to Florence Pugh, there’s everything to know


Ever since it was confirmed that Dune: Part Two is officially in the works, devotees of both the science fiction novel and Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation have been buzzing with excitement.

While filming has only just begun, and the film is still more than a year away from completion, the small bits of news that have been shared — such as locations, potential plot lines and new cast members — have fans excited. has eaten First movie.

But for many, Dune can feel like a complicated world to enter, especially now that it seems so late in the game. But that’s where we come in. Here we round up everything you need to know to get you up to speed with the space empire and its feuding mansions, so you’ll be ready for Dune: Part Two when it arrives.


The plot

What is Devon?

The Dune is set in an interstellar society where great families run planets rather than countries. Space travel is now possible thanks to Spice, a commodity that can only be mined on the desert planet Arrakis (aka Dune).

Because spice is so valuable this means that the family that rules Arrakis comes under intense pressure from both the emperor and other jealous elders.

The planet is also incredibly dangerous: with an inhospitable desert above it, it is inhabited by giant sandworms. They are attracted to any kind of repetitive sounds, making spice mining a particularly dangerous task. Then, to top it all off, there’s also a formidable local population, the Fremen, who sometimes attack Devon’s colonists.

Also worth noting: about 10,000 years before Devon joined there was a war between humans and computers, where the humans won and then banned the computers.

Where is it set?

Devon is set in 1019, about 20,000 years in our future.

Golda Rocheville, left to right, Jason Momoa, Rebecca Ferguson, Timothée Chalamet, Denis Villeneuve, Babs Olosanmukon, Zendaya, Sharon Duncan Brewster and David Distamalchian attend a screening of Devon (Ian West/PA)

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What Happens in Devon: Part One?

When we jump into the first episode of Dune, we are introduced to House Atreides, a noble family that has been asked by the Emperor to take over the Arakis in place of the villainous House Harkonnen.

“When is a gift, not a gift?”

This is what Villain Baron Harkonnen, ruler of House Harkonnen, has to say about the Emperor’s decision. While this sounds like a lucrative opportunity for House Atreides, it’s actually a trap.

The emperor is becoming jealous of House Atreides, whose influence is growing throughout the universe. Secretly, he is planning to attack House Harkonnen and, using his skilled Sardaukar troops, crush the House Atreides and retake the planet.

“My Road Leads to the Desert”

Dion’s story centers on the teenage Paul Atreides, son of Duke Leto Atreides, as he finds his destiny intertwined with that of the Maad, or Messiah, Arrakis.

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Looking at the book

who wrote

The book was written by science fiction author Frank Herbert and published in 1965. The novel is widely regarded as one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time. It describes a vast and complex physical and political universe, and has historically been considered almost impossible to adapt for film.

Herbert also wrote five sequels to Dune – meaning almost unlimited material for future films, should Villeneuve have wanted it.

Watching the Movie (Part 1)

Who is the director?

French-Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, who previously made Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Sicario and Prisoners, is behind the camera. According to Villeneuve, the director dreamed of directing Dune since he was a teenager, when he first read Frank Herbert’s novel.

Denis Villeneuve and his fellow Canadian journalist Tanya Lapointe

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Who’s in the cast?

The cast is star-studded: Timothee Chalamet plays Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as his mother Lady Jessica, Oscar Isaac as his father Duke Leto Atreides, and Stellan Skarsgård as the nemesis Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Played the role of

But that’s not all. Josh Brolin plays Weapons Master Gurney Halleck, Zendaya plays Freeman Chaney, Jason Momoa plays Sword Master Duncan Idaho, Javier Bardem plays Freeman leader Stilgar, Chang Chen plays Family Doctor. Wellington plays Yeoh, Charlotte Rampling plays the leader of Benny Gessert (an all-powerful one). religious order) and Dave Bautista played Harkonnen Beast Ribbon.

Who composed the soundtrack?

Legendary composer Hans Zimmer, who composed the music for 1994’s The Lion King, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar, composed the soundtrack for Dune.

Likewise for Villeneuve, Zimmer, a fan of the science fiction novel since childhood, had always dreamed of composing music for a film adaptation. His desire was so enduring that he didn’t know if he should accept the job offer when it finally came, fearing he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his long-term fantasy.

In the end, he agreed to come on board and would go on to win an Oscar for his efforts.

Hans Zimmer at a Devon Q&A with Denis Villeneuve in New York

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Was Devon: Part One well received?

Yes. Not only did the film do well with critics, it grossed $400 million worldwide (a tidy profit – it had a budget of $165 million). He also received nearly 200 film awards and nominations, including ten Oscar nominations (of which he won six).

Sadly for Villeneuve, he was not nominated for an Oscar for Best Director, which surprised some Dune fans. Speaking about the nomination to Moviemaker magazine, the director said: “If you’re nominated, it’s a beautiful thing… I don’t take things for granted, and I’m very happy with what we got. I am.”

The film’s huge success meant that Dune: Part Two, which wasn’t always on the books, was officially confirmed for October 2021.

Have there been previous adaptations?

Yes, several, although as mentioned, past adaptations have always fallen somewhat short of reaching their potential. Cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky unsuccessfully tried to adapt the book in the seventies – the material of which became a 2013 documentary directed by Frank Pauch.

This was followed by David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation starring Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides. In an April 2022 interview with The AV Club, Lynch viewed the film as a failure and said “I was very depressed and sickened by it.”

A three-part miniseries was also produced for the SyFy Channel in 2000, and a miniseries sequel was made in 2003 called Children of Devon, which was well received.

Movie (Part 2)

When did they start filming?

Audiences have been waiting for news about part two since it was confirmed last year. On July 18, the film’s official Twitter page shared that filming had finally begun, saying: “We’re rolling. Production on the mound: Part Two has begun.

It was reported that filming will return to some locations from Part One, including Abu Dhabi and Jordan, as well as shooting in new locations such as Altivole, Italy and Budapest.

Who is joining the cast?

As with Part 1, there’s a cast list that’s absolutely star-studded: first, Chalamet, Ferguson, Brolin, Skarsgård, Bardem, Bautista, Zendaya and Rampling will all reprise their roles.

Then, over the past several months it has been announced that Florence Pugh will play the Emperor’s daughter, Austin Butler will play Baron Harkonnen’s young nephew, Christopher Walken will play the Emperor, Le Seydoux will play Benny Gasseret. Lady will play Margot, and Swiss actress Soheila Yacob will play the Freeman fighter.

Le Seydoux will play Lady Margot.

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What is the possibility of covering part two?

The first part ends with Paul uniting with the Chani and Freeman people on Arrakis. Part two will pick up with Paul’s story as he avenges his family and begins to fulfill his destiny.

When will the next episode come?

Devon: Part Two is slated to release on November 17, 2023.