Telemetría, cinco aspects that can help retainer operators qualified – Meczyki

The operators are one of the most frequent problems that occur in the immediate aftermath of flotas in our country, a situation that takes away the responsiveness of the flotillas and replants the contraceptive form of contraption

DOS DLAs the main reasons for the quercales of the merchant experiment this baja en the cantidad de operadores disponibles son: la jubilación de conduores de mñs de 50 años de edad y el desgaste físico y el riesgo que actuallyne practically estéméco en el reso. What is generated as a result is that sometimes some people are present to accept these vacancies.

Accredited by DataMéxico of the Secretariat of Economics (SE), actually edad promedio de los operators de camiones en nuestro país ronda los 39 años de edad. Even though this problem can be overcome by the operators trying to solve it, they can solve the form of retaining the conductive california, which can lead to many periods of time from their home to their home.

In this regard, the Empire Webfleet Solutions will incorporate telemetry solutions that can make a significant difference in the ambient environment, or that will eliminate the traces of the six seasons. Contractant enterprise, which can reduce the disassembly of operators.

In this context, Webfleet created some aspects of digital telematics solutions that can contribute to this specialty.

1. Conducción con menos estrés

A platform based on the data of the vector, including the regulation of the traffic and the price of the data. , Event viaje and aumentar your carba de carbajo. The sale of technology is that the gestor of the float can determine the most important rutas for circulars (geocercas), indicating paradigms and conventions for the robe of the rooster. Contain this information during the trajectory to allow the operator to prepare for these variables and conclude its correspondence with manor strings.

2. Manor Carga Administrative Para Conductor

Tareas how the registers of conduction or inspection can pass a manual manual and tedious to be a trimite automation and a great deal of technological information as the flow of information continues. Ruta, the time that the fleet manager receives the information needed and updated the time that he wants to be a member of the float in his journal or the status of the vehículos.

3. Accident prevention and responsibilities

One of the constant constant to those who are infrequent operators are related to accidents with terrors and before the quails in many occasions the conductors do not have a demonstrator that does not have accountability. The cameras are used to associate a system of flotation systems to allow grab these events and to use other carcass provoking an accident. This aids the conductor to maintain the calma, knowing that, if he has a collusion and is the culmination of another person, the video plays the role.

4. Security before the delinquency

The flotilla administrators have a great retro to create entrances that are vulnerable to delinquency. One way to transmit this security to the operators is by us, for example, the cameras of the cameras that can destroy the accuracy of the detectors or GPS for remodeling that help prevent the use of inhibit seals. Other alternatives may be the ponytails that have the initialization of the visual camera in a specific moment or the appearance of an event in the central office. In this way, the empire can initiate its security protocols with Mayor Rapidez and realize that Manera is much faster and / or the logarithm of Ocurre some other events.

5. Professionalization, reconocimiento and incentivos

Enter the main points by the quails a transportist dea an empress se aquellas relacionadas con la falta de oportunidades y con la profesionalización que le permita aspirar a puestos de trabajo mejor remunerados. At this point the telecommunications vectors do not just have the information but also the attachment of the conductors of the operators, our ability to keep up with the activation of the ruta for the corresponding hinges. The rendering of the combustible or most of the objects.

Además, the information extracted directly from the telemetry displays (excesses of velocities, frescoes or bruscas) or the identification of the ropes in the conductor of the carcass of the veil. The device allows administrators to create incentives, approaches or coordinates for equivalent conductors that are made to work with excellence.