Templo de la Profesa sigue apuntalado a casi 5 años del 19s

At the end of September 19, 2017, San Philippe Neri, the professor, never tired of being restored: the great part of his new artwork, of 214 pieces, is embossed and embroidered. Exist to the empire of emperors, advising La Razón the father Luis Martín Cano.

The two of us can read the structure of the sacrista that is in the plant, we are talking about a millionaire project, all depending on the federal Gobierno, we have not seen that there is a partisan prevrata, but liberated not fobrados. This is the only information we have. He said that he would take the sacrament and a muro de la Sala Cardenal Newman ”, said Cano.

The alert alert that in the case of a new sismo tanto the immobile, found in the Centro Historico of the City of Mexico, as the important collection, correspondingly. “The edifice is not ascending, and we are waiting for the memory that suffers, the hundimiento propio of the city is also effective. Reconstruction and restoration are not possible to access the specs ”, externally.

For now, to show these parts, in conjunction with Fomento Citibanamex present Joyas de la Pinacoteca de La Profesa. The congregations and a collection, together with the 45-year-old Palacio de Culture Citibanamex-Palacio de Iturbide. Approved to restore 22 obras.

“This exposure has the value of showing a lot of reunions in a period of time,” said Rogelio Rumer Gomer, who joined the party.

The words are emblazoned with the authority of INAH, this is the best thing you can do, the pussies in a sala that your pints are because we think it will be much faster

Louis Martin Cano, Pedri.

The exhibit, which was presented to the public at the fair, included great paintings of great masters like Cristabal de Villalpando, Miguel Cabrera, Nicoleás Enríquez, José de Ibarra and Francisco Antonio Vallejo, among others.

The object is to show the part of this collection only in its tip, because it will keep in touch three times.

“It is one of the richest things in history, it is preserved, it is only one of the two worlds that it encounters in its infallible (the Jesuits and the Congregation of San Felipe Neri). The difference is that In many inquiries that, with the Leis of Reformer many well-wishers have found their roots, there are many icicles, conventions, the case of La Profesa se salvó ”, destacó.

Most included include the Virgin of the Dolores “The Portenta”, attributed to Nicoleá Enríquez; The little girl with her parents, Cristóbal Villalpando; Muerte de San Francisco Javier, de Gaspar Conrado; and Visit of San Francisco Javier, of Antonio de Torres.

The mustache divides into its nuclei; for example, the first incapable of perceiving the two institutions; The second retrieval of Jesus and the Philippine iconography, with the painting relating to the imports of ambiguous congregations. In the present present crystallographic iconography that Ayudaba meditates on the life of Christ. The manera is similar, in the apartment apart from representing the marijuana image.

Plan de Maintainer Junto Petrimonio Cultural Sag

The plan to achieve the artistic and cultural approach that forms part of Citibanamex together with the continent, assisted by La Razón Andrés Albo Márquez, Director of Social Compromise Financing Institution that meets the process of the institute.

  • The data: The curador made that the exhibition included a few retrospective concoctions, between them, one of the artist Antonio de Torres.

“We haven’t changed, let’s talk with this intention, that the sale of Manera General has all the aspects that it has in the bank. Collections of Banco Nacional, continúe. The process is coordinated to the plan and we are evanzando “, dijo, previo al recordido por la muestra Joyas de la Pinacoteca de la Profesa. Two congregations and a collection.

The Fomento Cultural Citibanamex carries more than a few millennia as Desfile 1 of Mayo in Moscow, by Diego Rivera; y Los Frutos de la tierra, by Frida Kahlo. Además se conforma de cinco inmuebles históricos.

Albo Márquez explains that the sale will be concluded with the planes that crashed on the 2nd of June 2023 and others that are aggravating, like a series of expositions about the realization of the tragedy.

Joyas de la Pinacoteca …

  • Cuándo: A partir del 24 de junio
  • Dundee: Palacio de Aterbide (Madero 17)