Tennis star Naomi Osaka has problems with (some) in ‘media’.

Naomi is listening to a question at the Osaka Sensei Tennis Tournament press conference.۔

Naomi is listening to a question at the Osaka Sensei Tennis Tournament press conference.
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Asking questions is an important part of this job. Even more important is how you ask these questions, because the tone and context are important. There is a difference. Between asking a question to get an answer and asking to get a quote.

Exhibition A: A press conference. For the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati.

“You’re not crazy about dealing with us, especially in this format, yet you have a lot of external interests that are presented through the media platform.” Paul Dogherty of the Cincinnati Inquirer. On Monday near Naomi Osaka, which caused the tennis star to tear himself away from the press conference for his mother.nt. “I guess my question is how do you balance the two, and do you have anything to say about Simon Byles?”

“When you say I’m not crazy about dealing with you guys,” Osaka replied, “what does that mean?”

“You’re not crazy …”

It can’t be the first thing you say if you want to. Conversation with someone who has become one of the faces at the crossroads of sports and mental health. In particular, since the word “crazy” is often used to label people who are struggling with their mental health.

Words are important, and as journalists we must know that they are better than anyone.

However, the words used by Osaka’s agent – Stuart Dugoid – for the feature. Dogarty asked him. Question Were not even right.

“Bullying in the Cincinnati Inquirer is an indication of why player / media relations are so troubling at the moment.” Dougod told Reuters in a statement..

“Everyone will agree on this zoom that his accent was completely wrong and his only purpose was to intimidate. Really scary attitude.

“And the misconception that Naomi owes her extra-judicial success to the media is a myth.

Daugherty’s questions were labeled “tons of aggression.” social media And in the headlines, which is also wrong. Because while it seems that Osaka – and I – did not value the energy that Dogarty was giving, I would not classify his tone as “aggressive” or “bullying.” A little extreme

And THe asked the same questions that Dougherty had asked Osaka that it was a fair game. How did he ask them what we found here? Somewhere along the line, it turned into a “you vs. us” situation between the “media” and Osaka, rather than what it really is – One of the best players in the world, who is really shy, does not agree with how the press conference works. There is also a story that Osaka did not want to talk to the “media” at all, while his main position on not attending press conferences at the French Open was how harmful the exercise has been in the past and his time. Especially after the loss..

He wrote, “We often sit there and ask questions that have been asked many times before us or questions that raise doubts in our minds and I just don’t subject myself to them. I will do it for those who doubt me. “

I have lost count of how many stupid questions I have heard in press conferences. He was either not paying attention or because it was not in line with the story he wanted to write.

On Tuesday, I was on a panel at the 2021 Associated Press Sports Editors’ Annual Summer Convention, entitled “Athletes, Mental Health and the Role of Traditional Media.” Osaka was the center of attention, as different views and opinions were expressed about the situation. But, no matter how people felt, one thing was clear – the 23-year-old is changing what people in the industry think and do about their jobs.

“In the first place, I’m a tennis player, so a lot of people are interested in me,” Osaka told Dogarty.I will say that I am very different from a lot of people and I really can’t help. There are some things that I tweet or some things that I say like this a lot of news articles and things like that I know the reason is that I’ve won a couple of grand slams and I’ve had a lot of press conferences that these things happen, but I would also say that I’m not really sure that both How do I balance? I know you when you are. “

Osaka has become a household name since winning the US Open in 2018. And as a female athlete who is both black and Asian, she is three times the minority – which is rare. The world has no idea what to do with this make-up tennis phenomenon that destroys its opponents in court, talks about racial issues, and yet, often stays out of the spotlight. ۔

We didn’t see anything like Naomi Osaka, nor “media.” It is not surprising that we have found ourselves in such a moment. I don’t know where his career will take him, or us. But, I hope that when all this is said and done, it will be one of the reasons why people with questions have learned to ask them better.


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