Tensions escalate at Villa Love Island as two bombs make dramatic entrances

Tensions rose at the Love Island villa when dramatic appearances by Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Rednage made a spectacular appearance.

At the start of the popular ITV dating show on Wednesday, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter Antigoni caused a stir when the boys found her lounging on sun loungers just after the islanders woke up.

While Charlie, a 28-year-old real estate developer from London, seemed to grab the attention of several members when he showed up unexpectedly at the end of the day.

After her arrival, Antigoni, the daughter of TV chef Toni Buxton, said she doesn’t pay attention to anyone in particular yet, as she feels she needs to “meet someone in person first and see their energy and vibe”.

This was soon verified as she was allowed to choose three guys for a date.

Choosing Davide Sanclimenti, Dami Hope and Jay Younger, they all left the villa to have a picnic.

On her first date with Davide, he said, “I feel like you’ve come here for a real connection.”

Antigoni agreed, saying, “I can’t be insincere – that’s impossible,” to which he replied, “Me too. I can’t fake feelings.”

Her second date with Dami seemed to confirm that they were friendly rather than romantic as they spent a lot of time chatting about his new love interest India.

However, things seemed to heat up between her and Jay when she told him that she thought he liked her.

This prompted him to ask about her reasoning, to which she replied, “You never once broke eye contact with me. It means that I’m attracted to you.”

Antigoni also confided to him that she felt an “initial attraction” but that they would have to see how things go.

In a report after the dates, Antigoni told the other girls that she had a good time, Davide and Dami, but admitted that she had the strongest bond with Jay.

Ekin-Su, who is currently dating Jay, looked flustered as she waited at the villa while her partner was on a date.

Speaking from Beach Hut after they got back, she said, “I really didn’t want to hear that Jay is most like the most flirtatious date, romantic or anything like that.

“I was hoping the date went well with either Davide or Dami. I want to play the violin and maybe just have a glass of wine.”

Later that day, as the girls were getting ready for the evening’s activities, they received a message that a new boy would be entering the villa.

When Charlie walked in, he said, “I’m going to the villa to find love, so it might require stepping on someone’s toes.”

The new bombshell continued to meet the girls in the garden for drinks while the boys watched from the terrace.

Speaking to the members, Charlie revealed that he had previously referred to girls who were “very short-tempered.”

Speaking at the Beach Hut afterward, Ekin-Soo became interested, saying, “I thought I could scare the poor guy away with my temper, but the first thing Charlie said was that he likes very hot girls. Now I’m the hottest fire in the villa.”

Love Island continues today at 21:00 on ITV2 and ITV Hub.