Tesla, SpaceX alum chases energy sector white whales with $2 million seed round – Meczyki.Net

Hydrogen is done The White Whale of the Decarbonized Energy Sector.

Wildly abundant and highly versatile, it has long had the potential to decarbonize entire sectors of the economy. From cars and trucks to planes, trains and even home boilers, the universe’s lightest gas is not short on potential applications.

But it falls short on successful applications. Cars and trucks? As of yesterday, the last time I saw a hydrogen car was when I tested a Mercedes fuel cell B-Class about 15 years ago. plane? not anytime soon. and home? Japan is testing the idea, but given the difficulty of remodeling the natural gas infrastructure to accommodate the leaking molecules, it is unlikely to happen in the near future.

One place where hydrogen shows promise is in heavy industry, where it can be difficult to replicate the intense heat and dense power with sources of electricity. However cost remains a constraint.

That’s where Hgen hopes its modular electrolyzers will make an impact. The startup aims to decarbonize hard-to-crack industries such as steel and ammonia production by focusing on green hydrogen made using renewable energy. It was founded by Tesla alum Molly Yang, who helped lead the Supercharger, residential energy and industrial energy teams, and Colin Ho, who led the actuation and power systems for Starship at SpaceX.

The company exclusively told Meczyki.Net that it has raised a $2 million seed round led by Founders Fund, which included Fontinalis Partners, Climate Capital, Yishan Wong and a few other angels.

Yang said Hagen is focusing on optimizing the hydrogen production Tesla and SpaceX’s entire widgets.