Texas School District gets creative to save students from Government Abbott.

The Paris Independent School District has amended its dress code to include “masks for all employees and students to reduce flu, colds, epidemics and any other infectious diseases.” Paris News Is informed.

The amendment was passed 5-1 on Tuesday, but it is not permanent. It will be reviewed on a monthly basis. There are about 4,000 students enrolled in the district. Students will return on Thursday.

“The Board believes that the dress code can be used to reduce health issues, and therefore the PISD dress code has been amended to protect our students and employees.” Statement from the district Read on

The statement noted that the governor’s order did not suspend any part of the Texas Education Code, which allows board members to amend dress codes. “The governor of Texas does not have the authority to assume the exclusive powers of the Board of Trustees and the responsibility of managing and supervising the district’s public schools,” the statement added.

According to The Washington Post., The Paris Independent School District seems to be the first school in the state to use its powers to establish a dress code, requiring students and staff to wear masks. The move sets an example for other school districts that are looking for ways to implement masks without violating Abbott’s initiative.

The vote to implement the mask in the school district’s dress code comes on the same day. Abbott’s positive COVID test result.. Since the onset of the epidemic, Abbott has not only reduced the risks to public health, but also countered the mask mandate and issued executive orders preventing authorities from imposing them.

The governor said the way forward depended on personal responsibility and not a government order. A statement Announcing the ban on its masks “The state of Texas will continue to vigorously oppose the temporary restraining order to protect the rights and freedoms of all taxis.”

His claim that the implementation of the mask mandate deprives individuals of their rights and freedoms stems from anti-mask movements. Many parents have embraced the idea, arguing against schools requiring children who are not currently vaccinated to wear masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all students – even vaccinated students – wear masks when returning to the classroom.

Disability rights Texas and other advocacy groups filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the ruling, alleging that Abbott’s move endangered students with disabilities.

In Texas, in particular, districts across the state are trying to wear masks despite Abbott’s order because of an increase in cases and the risk of the virus spreading to children and bringing them home. According to American Academy of Pediatrics. In the week ended August 12, more than 121,000 cases of cowardice were reported in children, representing 18% of all new cases nationwide.

The situation in Texas is so bad that the state has asked the federal government for five mortuary trailers to store the bodies. NBC News Is informed. Electoral and non-medical procedures to evacuate beds for Cove 19 patients are once again being delayed. 19

Due to the Texas Delta variant, Coved is seeing a record number of 19 cases and millions of people who have been left unvaccinated. According to Dallas Morning News.Health officials in Texas reported more than 24,000 new cases Tuesday, including more than 12,000 hospital admissions.

According to the report, less than 50 percent of Texas residents have been vaccinated.

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