Texas to temporarily resume abortion ban: Federal Court of Appeals

Texas will be allowed to temporarily resume full abortion ban, a federal appeals court ruled Friday night – just days after the controversial law was passed. A judge suspended him.

The 5th U.S. Court of Appeals granted Texas’ request, while U.S. District Judge Robert Putman overturned Wednesday’s ruling while the case is being reviewed.

Many Lone Star State clinics have struggled to reopen and serve patients following Putman’s orders.

Putin, appointed by President Barack Obama, wrote in his 113-page decision that the Texas Republicans have “developed an unprecedented and transparent legal scheme” to deny patients the right to abortion. .

This is in response to a Biden administration lawsuit. Challenging the state’s “heartbeat law.” It was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in May and went into effect last month.

The New Orleans Court of Appeals ordered the Justice Department to respond by Tuesday.

known as. As Senate Bill 8, or SB8.After detecting cardiac activity, abortion is banned, after about six weeks, and leaves the enforcement on private citizens, using civil cases instead of criminal cases. It allows anyone who successfully sues someone in court to pay 000 10,000 or more to have an abortion or help.

People participate in the Women's March ATX Rally on October 2, 2021 at the Texas State Capital in Austin, Texas.
People participate in the Women’s March ATX Rally on October 2, 2021 at the Texas State Capital in Austin, Texas.
Stephen Spielman, File / AP

Before the law went into effect on September 1, there were about two dozen abortion clinics in the state.

The US Supreme Court effectively allowed the law to remain in place after its failure. Approve the emergency appeal From abortion providers who try to block legislation.

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