The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti is worsening thanks to the grace of the tropical storm.

I am following Power on Twitter, where she has been posting updates.



No wonder, chef. Jose Andres. And her World Central Kitchen team is on the scene doing what she’s doing best: providing rescue teams and food for Haitians who are now homeless.



Former President Obama has appealed to us for help and published a suggested list of organizations to donate:


Haiti Earthquake Rescue: How You Can Help:

Hope for Haiti.

For 30 years, Hope for Haiti. Has helped Haitian families and children alleviate generational poverty.


Since 1995, Focal Haiti has educated, trained and inspired children, women and disadvantaged groups to make a difference in society.

Health Equity International / St. Boniface Hospital.

On the team Saint Boniface Coordinating care and providing emergency response to injuries.

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Of Haiti Emergency Relief Fund Sends direct donations to grassroots community organizations across the country.

Locally Haiti.

Based in rural Haiti, Locally Haiti. Supports economic development and the overall well-being of families by investing in local initiatives ranging from educational programming to community health centers.

Covid 19 has wreaked havoc on our lives and livelihoods, many readers do not have the funds to help. If this is your case, you can help Haiti by making headlines by sharing stories and support links.

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