The alleged leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, El Panther, was arrested today.

Fernando Emmanuel “El Panther”, the alleged operative leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, served as Celia’s municipal policeman when his predecessor, Jose Antonio Yapiz, was a key leader of the “El Marro” Huechol.

Citizen Security Secretary Miguel Angel Cemental revealed that “El Panther” was an active member of the municipal police four years ago, and acknowledged that there could still be organized crime infiltrators in the corporation.

“There may have been more people infiltrated, there were arrests (of the police), people who resigned, the motive or the reason is not known (…) Here we were with the enemy,” he added.

He pointed out that in December 2019, when he took over as security secretary, “Al Panther” had already been discharged from the police. “He was gone when I arrived.”

The head of Citizen Security pointed out that progress has been made in the corporation, as much has been achieved. “It has been difficult, it is impossible to monitor every single element in their operational area or in their personal life, what they do, what they do,” he said.

The police command highlighted that high-level coordination among security corporations allowed the arrest of the CSRL operative leader in Celia. “The arrest has paid a heavy price for what is being done in security.”

He said that “Fernando Emmanuel” is another link of the criminal gang which operates in Laja-Baju area. Cemental will step down as security chief in Celia on October 9, and will continue to protest until the next day as head of Erapuato’s public security secretariat.

After the arrest of Fernando Emmanuel “El Panther”, terrorism was fired and people were hanged in different municipalities with a balance of ten murders.

Violent clashes between the army and a group of armed civilians in Apasio El Grande, where three people were reportedly killed in a “safe house” containing stolen vehicles and weapons reserved for military special use. .

Minutes later, at 6:00 a.m., people in various vehicles opened fire on soldiers patrolling the area, sparking persecution, including state security elements. Were included.

The assailants arrived at a building on 5D Fabro Street, where they tried to hide in the middle of the shooting. Three civilians were reportedly killed and weapons recovered.

The area was cordoned off by dozens of state police, criminal investigators, the National Guard and the army. During the day this Friday, two people were killed in Celia, two in San Francisco del Rincon and one in Achimbaro.


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