The architect of the collapsed Florida condo was suspended years ago due to structural failure

Florida architect Condo building that collapsed Last month – At least 97 people were killed Compared to other construction failures years ago, it was suspended for “total incompetence”, according to a report.

William Friedman, who designed Champlain Towers South before it was built in 1981, was suspended for six months in 1967 after a pylon fell on another building after a major hurricane. Real Dale reported.

According to the residential property publication, the Florida Board of Architecture found that Friedman’s pillars were “inadequate and overall inadequate” and failed to meet “accepted standards.”

In 1966, a five-member board found Friedman, who died in 2008 at the age of 88, guilty of “utter incompetence” because of his negligence, wrongdoing and negligence.

Friedman appealed the decision, but lost.

According to documents obtained from the shop, the original deal stated that the architect offered his suspension on June 1, 1967.

William Friedman reinstated a six-month suspension after another building collapsed during a hurricane.
William Friedman faced a six-month suspension after the pillars of another building collapsed during a hurricane.

The report said the pilots had trademarks on the upper part of the building and that Hurricane Betsy had cleared the area shortly after the eruption.

Authorities have not determined the exact cause of the June 24 collapse of the 12-story Champlain Tower in Surface, nor have they played a role in Friedman’s architectural design.

The architect who designed Champlain Towers South was once suspended in 1967 "Total incompetence"
The architect who designed Champlain Towers South was reportedly suspended in 1967 for “complete incompetence.”Amy Beth Bennett / South Florida Sun Sentinel via AP

But the revelations are the latest in a series of doubts about the structural integrity of the building – including the 2018 engineer’s report.Significant structural damage.


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