The arranque of this 2022 no pinta bien – Meczyki

In this editorial we will analyze the evolution of the mercado’s immobilization of the tomando in the consideration of the ultimate official ciphers available at the time of the month of Enero.

For the first time, the mediums of the eight can analyze the latest economic accounts, financiers and bachelors that replicate in our sector. As we were in the last report, in general the balance of all 2021 was positive in all the segments of life as new as it is, salvage the popular segment. But analyzing the present information only from the veracity of all the contracts, that is, we have created many albums of double digits to the anterior anterior to the arranque of this 2022 no pinta bien.

To analyze the chiffras available to the fetus in the total volume of Vivienda Nueva colocated in 2022 respect to the 20th of May 2021, we see that there is a declining national 8.4 result from Lemodo’s sense of Lemodo, to all with 2 million 483 live, decreasing ligaments at 1.3 per cent; Followed by Jalisco, with 896 units per month decreasing by 1.3 per cent; The third was in the state of Mexico, with 165 viviendas, with a decrease of 27.1 per cent; On the other hand, Fu Guanajuato, 899 live with the baja of 6.9 per cent, and the quintal of Baja California, with 839 live with an increase of 11.7 per cent.

On account of Vivienda Usada in the first month of the present day, the double digits of the volume of Viviendas have been reduced to a mere 20.2 per cent, and Jalisco is encapsulated with 690 units, with 78 units. with 465 live, registering another 29.8 per cent; In the next Veracruz, with 443 live with a decrease of 17 per cent; At the end of the month the Mexican state, with 413 viviendas, and the quinto sitio for Chihuahua and Ciudad de Mexico with 375 viviendas usadas, was the ultimate authenticity with positive positivity.

If we revisit every segment, the Vivienda Residential Plus to the new national tuition has a declining trend of 4.7 per cent of the 366 plus residences added. Analyzing the residential segment Plus in the month of January in País, the results were mixed in the case of all the states and leading the Mexican city with 314 residences plus, with a decrease in the segment of 16 points; I am looking for Nuevo León with 203 cases, with one of the three creams of the day. Luego Jalisco, next to 191 Residences plus; The Mexican state in Cuarto, with 102 cases, and in Chihuahua, with 53 residences.

In the Residential Season a new national in the month of May 3 to 3 million residues with a marginal decrease of 1.3 per cent; The first was in New León, with 407 residences, with a decrease of 5.1 per cent; In the second half of Jalisco with 372 residences, with a decrease of 10.6 per cent; in the city of Mexico, with 364 units collected, with a decrease of 7.1 per cent; At the same time Quarter, with 289 residences and an important double digit of 19.4 per cent, and in the state of Mexico, with 277 residences and a total of 19.4 percent.

In the segment of Vivienda Media initiated the second round with a budget of 11.7 per cent with 6 million 968 units, enclosing the Jalisco list, with 599 live; See more of Nuevo León, with 593 live; in the third state of Mexico, with 470 units; In Quarto Quarter, with 413 cases, and the result in Chihuahua Quarter, with 381 cases.

In the segment of the traditional Vivienda hubo a decrease of 13.6 per cent, with a total of 8 mil 010 viviendas, and encapsulating the ranking Nuevo León, with 760 viviendas; followed by Jalisco, with 663 units; in the state of Mexico, with 598 viviendas; In Baja California, with 535 cases, and in Quintana Roo, with 401 units.

In the popular Vivienda dicho period, there was a retrocephalus like the fact that the mediades of the sixteenth century have passed, now it is 16 feet in every corner of the country, with 5 million 986 unidad anero, and the federated, and the 15th milled 156 , with the creation of 1.2 per cent, which is explicit for the motor industry of País with the mayor formally; Followed by Jalisco, with 992 live, with an impressive creation of 29.2 per cent; Tamaulipas, at the latest, with 443 cases; Guanajuato, with 404 units in the quarto city, and in the quinto city of Mexico, with 241 live.

For the last time, the segment of Vivienda Economics has made a huge increase of 26.6 percent due to greater mediation for the improvement of new financial livelihoods which is the fate of the creditors. He collected a total of 13 million 379 national credits, including the first in the Mexican state, with 2 million 610 credits; Followed by Chihuahua, with 519 credits; luego Nuevo Léon, in the third quarter, with 281 financiers,; He went to the Mexican city, with 153 credits, and in a few days from Jalisco, with 733 hypotheses conceived.

Revising the theme of the pandemic in our Paes we have a ligero increment of los casos diarios confirmed but the accusations practically without increasing increments. In the Mexican Republic, we see that 8 states are in the world, 19 in America, 5 in Naranja and Ningún in Rojo.

Revising the official statistics of the sector of the whole of the month of 2022 in General son negatives because it is increasingly important in 2021 and statistically the first month of August is debilitating.

Also, there are good news in General and the Monitoring of the Security in all the pages and you can get the best in the first 2 months of 2022.

For the last time, analyzing the global conflict, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has elevated the demands of the energy sector and the escalation of the EU’s inflation that may have reached an 8.6 per cent increase, no14. Add to the problems in administrators and distortions in the production of products with algae and excuses of insomnia. In Mexico, the manufacturing, petrochemical and turquoise sectors have a great deal to offer; The sector of turquoise creams that we have a great advantage in virtual elimination of prunes for passers-by that we can hardly bother with passers-by. Because of the divisiveness, we had to pay a little money for something terrorizing at 20.50 dollars for the interbankari. The FED in the EU wanted the merchants to sell the merchandise at the base of the 75-point base quad when the range entered between 1.5 and 1.75 per cent, the mayor said since 1994. For his part, the Banks de laésa de laésene enterés de Mexico enterés. el 7 por ciento anual.

The industrial sector of the sector was very successful in the first quarter of August in the franchise of the North Norte Frontier and precautions that were very difficult in merchandise like Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey and Reynosa. In the market and in the center we have more merchants. Finally, the merciless merchandise that refers to the recollection of Son L. Secter commercial and of the office of the tomb bears that the effect is far from the 2 pandemic of the pandemic.

George Predis Gera

Presidente Realty World México, President FIABCI, Federación Internacional de Profomiones Inmobiliarias Capítulo México 2014, 2015 and 2016.