The award to Risa and Maratov is a call for those who have made journalism a profitable business.

Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark top the Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index 2021, followed by Costa Rica in Latin America. The Philippines is 138th and Russia is 150th out of 180 countries, where journalism and business are playing Russian roulette. If you are interested, Mexico is ranked 143rd. Like many other regions, the Nordic countries are at the forefront of exercising the right to freedom of expression.

But I don’t want to refer to the Nordic people, the context wants to clarify their living moment.
The art of communicating with the truth, in some latitudes where communicating is a truly brave act.

Because of this, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded this year.

And with the understanding that there are many paths to peace, committed journalism is recognized today. Not just any form of journalism, as you know, exists from journalists to journalists. Creating scenarios, buying actors, setting up forums or just “throwing stones and hiding your hand” journalism is not the same thing, as it is risky to cover your skin while doing investigative journalism where investigating governments, collaborators Traders and drugs are drugs, minority groups in monocultural countries or terrorism.

That is why on October 8 in Oslo, Norway, the award was presented to Maria A. Rissa, a journalist with a brilliant career in her training and career. He had already been awarded the UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize during a difficult time for journalism. His resistance to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte earned him the respect of the international community for his tireless efforts to investigate issues such as threats to imprison him and terrorism and drug trafficking.

For his part, Dmitry Maratov, with his research, has been practically opposed to the problem of corruption in government and among businessmen who serve the Russian government. He has also written about human rights, oppression and violence against people in the LGTB community.

Risa and Maratov recognize all those journalists in societies whose lies, corruption and abuse of power seek to abolish freedom of expression and, with democracy and peace, represent stability and enforce these great ideas. Struggles to make sense of the day. Journalism is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. On the other hand, it is a voice for the consciences of many who have made journalism and hiding the truth a lucrative business.

The role of both has been decisive in their respective countries, where authoritarian regimes threaten democracy, and through their investigations they have highlighted the importance of truthful and objective information while protecting freedom of expression, such as the Nobel Committee. “This is a prerequisite for democracy and lasting peace, which these two great journalists are finally looking for,” he said.

Is it to see the Nobel Peace Prize on the horizon of our country’s existence and to see it in the field of journalism? Those who have tried to co-operate with justice and peace through the pen have fled to the superpowers who have not allowed them to reach the truth. We can list many of the feathers that have left the skin during the profession, many of them unidentified. Most of them are journalists who have the power to hide information and lease word and voice to the highest bidder, which is an easy way to serve the interests of the powers and the few, money Mexico is a country where we have many examples of the latter.

The award given to Risa and Maratov is the voice of conscience of many who have made journalism a lucrative business. At a time when investigative journalism and where its value is as a bargaining chip, recognition seeks to highlight the role of many of the world’s journalists in the international community and let’s try. Truth in the light of day. So things

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