The Aztec sun reduces its brightness. The PRD will be a new party.

Mexico City.

A symbol adopted by El Sol Istica, PRD since its inception in 1989, as part of the party’s re-establishment, will cease to shine before the end of the year, and it will now become a new social democratic force. Will go

The PRD is in a dilemma today: change its logo or name, and for that it has started studies with various consultants to determine its new image, and started groups working with its militants. Will do so to clarify what the new political institution will be.

In an interview with ExcelsiorStephanie Santiago Fernandez, national secretary for political communications at the PRD’s CEN, said the creation of a new symbol and a new acronym was already on the table for discussion, and that the decision would be passed in the National Congress in December. ۔

“We are going to set up various tables with the militants to work this week and at these tables we will explain the proposals, but also consult with them.

“We are interviewing the National Congress in December for various consultations to move this process forward,” explained Stephanie Santiago.

“Can you change the party name and logo?” He asked. Excelsior.

The PRD’s CEN representative commented that both could change, yes, as long as there is an identity with everything that is being built and that the consultation that is going on with us also gives us feedback on these changes. Helps to measure. .

“What we are clear about is that, from previous studies, conducted by very serious brand companies, both quality and quantitative, overall change (i.e. simultaneous logo and name), are beneficial. No, especially for immediate action, “he added.

This Monday, the PRD’s national leader, Jesus Zimbrano Grigelva, will preside over the “PRD’s commitment to unity and democratic change” at the former San Hepato convent, which will begin the debate on party change. A new force in the Social Democrats.

“In the PRD, within the framework of our Congress, we started with various initiatives and this Monday we will have a key meeting, where a series of commitments regarding our re-launch and transformation will be signaled. , This Monday we will sign the promises of unity and the democratic transformation of the PRD.

“Such changes, the fact that they have been brought to the work desks and taken to the National Congress, as well as suggestions, if it were a change of abbreviations or a change of logo, we are working with militancy. So There is no fear when you agree with and implement democratic schemes.

SOL AZTECA was born without colors.

The Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) was founded in Mexico City on May 5, 1989, with the slogan “Democracy Now, Homeland for All!” , With left-wing political tendencies.

The PARD was formed by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, Ifigenia Martínez, Heberto Castillo, Gilberto Rincón Gallardo, Jesús Zambrano Grijalva and Amalia García, among others.

The party symbol was originally the Aztec Sun, with colors green, white and red, but due to restrictions imposed by the then Federal Electoral Commission (CFE), the use of national colors was prohibited and the logo only. Was black With white background

According to the Electoral Authority, the PRI had already reserved the colors of the flag for use, and did not have the option for other parties to use them to avoid duplication. For this reason, the first sign of PRD was in black and white and later it adopted a yellow background to remain in yellow and black to this day.

The PRD began with the merger of the PRI and the Democratic Current (CD) of the Mexican Socialist Party (PMS), which handed over its registration to the new party, which also includes Mexico’s historic leftist movements and organizations. Joined

The leaders of the Civil Aztec Party were, among others, Kohtmok Cardinas, Porfirio Manoz Lido, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Amalia Garcia, Pablo Gomez, Rosario Rubles, Jesus Ortega, Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo and Jesus Zazova now Josuas.

As a modern social democratic organization, the PRD, as a nationalist party, the heir to the Mexican Revolution, will move towards a force that represents the current needs of all sectors of society, as well as equality. Social justice, women’s rights and the causes of local communities, sexual diversity and the environment

We have always tried to disrupt the PRD and we know that the time has come today for this change to be accompanied by militancy and the whole united PRD, so there is no fear.

“Establish our political line, unify our platforms, and, of course, unite the changes, because we know that only in this way will we be able to pass on to the people what they are looking for: faith, Steps and alternatives. ” From S. Tiffany Santiago, National Secretary for Political Liaison, PRD’s CEN.

He commented that the PRD, which has now been formed as a new Social Democratic Party, would be able to separate itself from Morena, which has emerged from disengagement from the Civil Aztec Party and its leadership.

The new party will immediately challenge the renewal of six governorships in 2022 and federal elections in 2024.

“PRD wants to put make-up aside and is really building on the reality that we have today, and that has to do with a change in the mindset that Mexico needs today.

“We are preparing, we are transforming ourselves and we are opening ourselves up to be comprehensive and disruptive in every way, because we know the real work of politics and to build it together with the citizens. We have to do that, “said Stephanie Santiago, PRD’s last directing member.



  • The PARD was formed by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, Ifigenia Martínez, Heberto Castillo, Gilberto Rincón Gallardo, Jesús Zambrano Grijalva and Amalia García, among others.

Since 1989.

  • The Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) held a “Democracy Now, Homeland for All!” Rally in Mexico City on May 5, 1989. Was formed with the political tendency of the left with the slogan of


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