The best fake tans to keep your summer glow on, according to beauty experts

It’s high season to travel, and while the prospect of hitting the beach with pale skin like a ghost can be a little daunting, you don’t want to overdo it with one spray tan before your vacation and the other too far away. direction you want to go.

Whether you want a natural-looking bronze glow before heading abroad or are looking for an easy summer glow for everyday, we’ve rounded up expert picks to suit all skin types, occasions and budgets.

best mousse

Notorious for being difficult to use, foam or mousse tans can be a bit off, yet they provide better color pay-off and a longer-lasting finish than other formulas.

“I’ve always avoided mousses and lotions because they seem less silly to me than oils and smudges,” says Donegal businessman Una Tynan, founder of the makeup brush brand Blank Canvas.

However, once that self tan foam (€21.75, from the range of Vogue Williams, which comes in three shades. “It’s really so easy to apply and wears so beautifully too.”


Bare by Vogue Self Tan Foam, €24,

Mullinger-based makeup artist Ann-Marie Carey Judd is also a fan, and both women love the medium shade. “It’s really cool, because it’s not orange so it suits Irish skin tones well,” says Ann-Marie.

“It’s really good for a developing tan. I recommend that you put it on the night before and shower it the next morning because it has developed to its full potential by the time you wake up.

Dublin blogger Anita Koote to adornThe industry’s most famous tanning brand, St. Tropez swears by.

“It was the first tan I ever used and to this day, I use the range religiously,” she says, adding both the Fresh Scented Bronzing Mousse with Watermelon Infusion (€39.99) and Luxe Whipped Cream Mousse (€42.99, hydrating). as his well-known. “Both are high quality, easy to apply and wear naturally.”


St. Tropez Watermelon Infusion Bronzing Mousse, €39.99, Boots

best for face

Although most tans claim to be suitable for use on the face and body, Ann-Marie advises against using a normal formula on your face to avoid breakouts. “I love something specifically designed for the face,” she says, naming Irish brand Pestel & Mortar’s Glow Drops (€38, Arnotts) her favorite.

“They’re a skincare company and they know their stuff. It has hyaluronic acid, so they’re hydrating and it doesn’t dry out your skin—the kind that fake tan can make your face feel a little tight. This one It’s like oil and it keeps your skin hydrated.”


Pestle and Mortar Glow Drops, €38, Arnotts

Once a week, she uses a brush to apply two to three drops in the morning, after completing her skincare routine. “People are always like ‘Have you been out in the garden?’ Because it looks so natural,” she says. “If it’s not dark enough, you can reapply it the next day to make up for it. It’s so beautiful on the skin — it’s skin care and tan in one.”

Una describes Bare By Vogue Face Tanning Serum (€29.95) as “a real game-changer”. “It’s as easy to apply as any other serum in my usual skin care routine, but with the added bonus of a summer glow,” she explains.

On a low budget, Anita Dripping Gold Wonder Water Facial Tanning Mist (€10,, available in two shades and also as a fragrance free formula for sensitive skin.


Dripping Gold Wonder Water Facial Tanning Mist, €10,

best on budget

For a great tan under €5, Carlo-based makeup artist Melissa Clark suggests Marbella Glow Tanning Mousse from Lidl, which costs just €3.99. “This is the best affordable tan,” she says of the vegan product, which comes in three shades. “I love the creamy texture and streak-free finish it leaves on the skin.”


Marbella Glow Tanning Mousse from Lidl, €3.99

Una recommends Embre Solaire’s Natural Bronzer Self Tan Mist (€9.99 at €14.99, Boots). “It’s very affordable,” she says of the fog. “I use both the face and body versions and love them both — I love that they’re super quick-drying, easy to apply and develop quickly.”


Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Self Tan Mist, €9.99 reduced from €14.99, Boots

best for beginners

A gradual tan product is an easy way to ease yourself into tanning, leaving a nice hint of color that you can build up gradually.

“Some people are afraid of a fake tan, but tanners slowly,” notes Ann-Marie, pointing to Garnier Summer Body, a cheap and effective admixture for tanning (€9.99 at €9.99, Boots). as a route. “I love Garnier because it smells lovely, has apricot oil in it and is moisturizing.”


Garnier Summer Body, €4.99 from €9.99, Boots

Perfect Fade Self-Tan Oil (€9.95, cocoabrown.) as Melissa “Excellent tan for beginners.” It’s a sun-kissed natural tan, and it develops in three hours, leaving a bronzed, radiant glow Is.”


Perfect Fed Tanning Oil, €9.95,

best for a dark tan

If your complexion is darker or you’re looking for deeper color payoff, Melissa recommends Australian-made Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark (€24.99, Boots). “This tan will give you the ultimate deep glow with a lovely coconut scent,” she says.


Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Ultra Dark, €24.99, Boots

Best for Quick Fixes

Our experts prefer to develop instant formulas, but the one instant tan that gets Ann-Marie’s seal of approval is Bayer by Vogue’s Instant Tan offering, which costs €18.

“It’s great for emergencies, when you’re out of guard for a night and you forget to put on your tan. It would be at the top of my list for instant onesies,” she says.


Bare by Vogue Instant Tan, €18,

For example, if you need to top up an existing tan after shaving your legs, this can also come in handy. “Just apply a little moisturizer to a mitt, mix in a drop of instant tan, and then apply it to your feet. You get a really flawless finish,” she explains.

If you’ve ended up with a patchy tan, Anita Bellaminta suggests covering up with bronzing powder (€25, pharmacies). “This is an exceptional product for me—it adds the prettiest glow to a fake tan, and it’s also a great way to hide uneven tan,” she says.


Belaminta Bronzing Powder €25, pharmacies

best application

If you can’t stand waiting for the tan to dry—or are fed up with your fresh bronze glow leaving stains on sheets and clothes—Anita suggests checking out the drying powder from GloDry, which has a starter kit (€ 49.99, also includes body brush and travel pouch.


GlowDry Starter Kit, €49.99,

“Use drying powder after application to take away the stickiness and set your tan in place,” she says. When applying a body tan, our experts recommend a velvet mitt like this one by Bellaminta (€9, pharmacies), which is machine washable by Ann-Marie Note.

For tougher areas like the hands and feet, she likes the densely packed F20 Foundation Brush by Blank Canvas. She recommends buying a duo set (€25 minus €30, and use the other one to apply the tanner on the face.


F20 Brush Duo Set, €25 from under €30,

To use, spray your tan product onto a mitt, then pat your brush on before applying it to your hands and feet. “It’s really cool to get around the knuckles and toes,” says Ann-Marie.

“For the face, I apply the drops to the back of my hand, apply the brush to the back of my hand and then apply it to my face, my jawline to my neck. It gives an unblemished body, it is not knowledgeable.”