The best personal trainers in London


The most effective way to kick start your workout routine is to schedule a block of sessions with a qualified personal trainer.

Not everyone has the money for a PT on tape, but withholding the initial investment, even for just two to four sessions, so that exercise programs that work for your body, goals and fitness levels To be collected. For success. You want to nail your technique first and this is best done with the watchful eye of an experienced trainer.

Want to learn to lift heavy weights, give yourself a cardio blitz or maybe you are planning to start a full lifestyle again? Capital is full of coaches who can help you achieve your goals.

Here’s who to call – and if you can’t keep up with their hourly rates, follow them on #fitspo in grams for endless demand.

Sarah Lindsay is the founder of the celebrity hangout Roar Fitness.

USPFormer Olympic speed skater Sarah Lindsay is the founder of Roar Fitness, a boutique strength training facility and celebrity hangout that specializes in PT programs. Its two-pronged approach involves weight training as well as nutritional restoration – and it delivers fast results.

CustomerThe list includes Nick Graeme Shaw, Professor Green, Eli Golding, Pixie Lott and Henry Holland.

Where: Roar Bank, Liverpool Street and High Street Kensington.

Costs: Eight-week transformation packages start at £ 2,200.

Luke Worthington

USPLuke, a capable sports scientist and Nike trainer, is a source of knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition. After working with Hollywood A-listers and elite athletes, her sessions focus on five pillars of fitness: muscle strength, aerobic fitness, mobility, body composition and emotional fitness.

Customer: Forest Whitaker, Judy Comer, Winnie Harlow and Sabrina Alba, to name a few.

Where: AMP AthleticA personal training gym in Marylebone.

Costs: £ 110 / from the session.

USP: Famous trainer and online coach Amy Long counts Ashley James and Lee-Ann Punk among her clients. He is the founder of the Body Beauty Full Method, which combines the strength and conditioning of pilots, berries and bodyweight to build strong and supple limbs.

Customer: Beauty editors and celebrities have Amy on Speed ​​Dial to nurture both their body and mind.

Where: FaceTime, Zoom or Personally.

Costs: £ 75 / PT session, BBM classes from £ 5.99.

Dalton Wong

USPDalton owns Twenty20 in West London. Her training programs focus on exercise, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle. Her Pussycat Doll-approved signature band and glider workouts are known to work hard muscles – expect to feel a burning sensation.

CustomerVogue Williams and Ashley Roberts are loyal students of his method.

Where: Twenty-two in South Kensington, also by zoom.

Price: £ 200 / session in the studio or £ 100 / session on the zoom.

Mark Ireland

USP: With a professional rugby background, Mark takes an athletic approach to training. The goal is to teach you better, pain-free movement while reaping serious benefits. A typical session includes mobility work, plyometric exercises and strength and conditioning – and while you’re at it you’ll enjoy med balls, assault bikes and ski ergs.

Customer: Creators and executives who want to be strong.

Where: ForwardersA private PT place in Morgate.

Costs: £ 80 / session.

Behind the LDM method approved by Louisa Drake Gwyneth Paltrow.

USPThe LDM method, called Louisa Drake, combines elements of yoga, berry, pilates, light resistance, conditioning and cardio to improve fitness and sculpt a strong, lean body. An initial PT session includes an in-depth comprehensive assessment, which takes into account stress levels as well as eating and sleeping habits, to help you build a sustainable fitness system that fits your lifestyle. Be

Customer: Gwyneth Paltrow and Felicity Jones are former clients, as are members of the royal family.

Where: LDM Studios in Fitzroy, outside and on Zoom.

Costs: £ 150 / session.

Holy Grant

USP: Hollie Grant is the founder of Pilates PT and The Bump Plan. A prenatal and postnatal fitness expert, Holly is on a mission to encourage more women to feel stronger and more empowered during pregnancy and to help pregnant and new mothers exercise during and after pregnancy. Teach about

Customer: Hollie’s client list includes Jourdan Dunn, Melissa Hemsley and Ella Mills (aka Deliciously Ella).

Where: Live and on-demand classes through membership in The Pilates PT and The Bump Plan.

Costs: £ 35 per month (all subscriptions)

Oli Thompson Six Three Nine

USP: Oli teaches both private sessions and small group PT classes at SIX3NINE, a PT-centric facility with two locations in London. With its strategic but comfortable way to train strength, it will fix your shape and posture at any time.

Customer: Professionals who want to meet their fitness goals through a suitable program.

Where: Zoom, Count Garden and The City.

Costs: Inquire online for PT packages.

Strong its founders Lian and Sam

USP: Lian (just__tig(And Sam)samprynn) Opened the capital’s first women-only strength training unit in 2020, where they offer personal training in strength and conditioning and Olympic lifting, as well as group classes.

Customer: Women of all ages, with zero pro lifting experience.

Where: StrongHer space, Bethnal Green

Costs: £ 55- £ 70 / session.

Loot Daisy

USPFounder of The Lottie Method, Lottie’s training style combines a refreshing and evolving approach to building nutrition, fitness and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Its sessions will give you a rock hard cover at any time.

Clients: Women of all ages with all kinds of personal goals.

Where: Virtual Sessions

Costs: £ 35/30 minutes.

Laura Hoggins is the author of Lift.

USP: Laura’s contagious energy and carefully thought-out progressive strength training programs will transform you at any time – expect lots of tires to roll and sleds to push.

Customer: Author and running enthusiast Bella Mackie is one of her heavy lifting converts.

Where: Foundry Gym in London, where she also offers semi-private PT classes and online (through her team-lifted coaching community).

Price: Inquire through its website for private sessions.

Planet London

USP: Ciara’s vibe is about women’s empowerment and physical positivity. Her workouts celebrate the female body in all its glory – expect lots of herbal band workouts. His disciples are about evangelism. Body by planet The community and the planet recently opened their first gym at Muswell Hill.

CustomerRita Ora, Mabel, Neelam Gul and Maya Jama are all dedicated fans.

Where: Online and at its premier Hill Gym.

Costs: £ 90 / session or £ 15 / month for IG squad membership.

Nasreen Daily

USP: Nike Trainer Nasreen, Founder of Health Hub London, specializes in strength and conditioning and corrective exercise. She also trains and competes in Muay Thai, where she offers private and group sessions.

Customer: A mix of athletes, marathon runners, new moms and people who are brand new to the sport.

Where: Zoom in person.

Costs: Inquire through its website for PT sessions, online group classes start at £ 5 / session.


USP: In East London, McCann’s good vibes and inspiring training techniques will force you to nail one handful at a time. She specializes in training women to lift heavy weights and look ugly. As a former Norwegian athlete, he is also very good at cardio – expect plenty of track and field-inspired exercises in one session.

Customer: Mostly female young creators.

Where: Third place and Athletic Fitness London.

Costs: £ 65 / session.

Jermaine Johnson also teaches classes in the modern studio block of East London.

USP: Hackney-based Jermaine Johnson is now a pilot instructor as well as a boxing and strength and conditioning coach. Her PT sessions include weight lifting, TRX and body weight work. Check out her hypnotic synchronized kettlebell exercise with clients on Gram.

Customer: Laura Mvula trained with him, as do many bloggers.

Where: Online and at Millfields Park in Clapton (weather permitting).

Costs: Price on request.

Matt Roberts

USP: Matt Roberts is what celebrities call big shooting and filming preparations. Based on his impressive Mayfair Gym, he and his team of experts combine science, technology and high-intensity training to ensure clients achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Where: Matt Roberts Evolution on Grosvenor Square.

Clients: A list of high-flying business tycoons and celebrities, including Naomi Campbell and John Galliano.

Costs: £ 200- £ 300 / session