The big Sun Bowl parade ends

Step- There is no deadline to be missed, especially after last year when the pandemic shortened our entertainment options.

The Sun Bowl Parade – which this year will be sponsored by the law firm Glasheen, Valles and Inderman – is scheduled for this Thanksgiving Day, today Thursday 25 November at 10 on a tour of the Avenue. Mountain.

In addition to being able to enjoy it in person, the community will have other options to follow and capture the sights and sounds of this wonderful El Paso tradition, either on TV or online.

Fabiola Salayandia is Grand Marshal 2021 for the 85th annual Sun Bowl Parade.

After recently earning $ 25,000 on a Spanish-language reality show on HGTV called “Home Star”. He will eventually host his own show, which is still under development and scheduled to air next year.

This year marks the 85th annual parade, which will take place on Montana Avenue from Ochoa to Copia and will be rebroadcast on KTSM News Channel 9.

On TV, online and online

The parade will be broadcast live on KTSM News Channel 9 in El Paso and the surrounding areas. It will also be streamed online around the world at

“We are delighted to cover this impressive parade once again and are delighted to showcase the fantastic fleets and our incredible sponsor,” said CEO Bernie Olivas.

There will be Facebook LIVE segments at 10:00 (MT) and 11:15 (MT). Fans can see parts of the parade on Instagram Stories @tonythetigersunbowl and Snapchat TheRealSBA_1935.

A photo album will be added to Facebook at a later date, as well as a selected video on YouTube (Sun Bowl Association).

Humble beginnings

The Sun Bowl parade began on New Year’s Day 1936 and has stood the test of time as an annual tradition here in El Paso. The Sun Bowl Association made the transition to a Thanksgiving celebration in 1978 and it has been a tradition ever since.

For complete information on the newly named Glasheen, Valles & Inderman Sun Bowl Parade, visit the SBA’s website or click on the link below.

Triple purpose

The Sun Bowl Association was founded in 1935 with a threefold purpose: to present a nationally important football attraction, market El Paso and the southwest, and generate tourist revenue for the area.

On October 18, 1934, at a meeting of the El Paso Kiwanis Club, Dr. Brice Schuller that the club would sponsor a football game on New Year’s Day and pose the El Paso High School All-Star Team against a worthy opponent. The motion was approved unanimously. It was decided to request suggestions from the public on the name of this annual game, and Dr. CM introduced the name “Sun Bowl”.


* When today

* Opening hours: 10:00

* Location: The contingent will depart from Montana and Ochoa

How to get to the stands in 1600 Montana?

• If you are coming from the East, exit at Cotton, turn right onto North Dallas, turn left onto Emergence Health Network’s parking lot at 1601 E. Yandell.

• From the west, take the Dallas St./Cotton St. exit. Stop in Dallas, turn onto Yandell and you’re in the Emergency Health Network parking lot.

• From the northeast, take US 54 South to access I-10 West. Exit at Cotton, turn right on Dallas, turn left again on Yandell and you will find the Emergence Health Network parking lot.


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