The blind Afghan mother claims by the Taliban that they feed the bodies of women to dogs.

An Afghan mother He was shot and had his eyes gouged out. The Taliban have also opened the bodies of women to dogs to claim jobs.

“In the eyes of the Taliban, women are not alive, humans are breathing, but only meat and meat is beaten,” said Khatira, who now lives in Delhi and uses only one name. Told India News 18..

Khatira, 33, told the news agency of her ordeal that her own father, a former Taliban fighter, fired the insurgents because he opposed her employment with law enforcement.

As punishment, he was shot eight times by militants and blinded in Afghanistan’s Ghazni Province last year, he said.

He had earlier said that his father had provided the Taliban with a copy of his identity card and had called him on the day of the attack to ask for his whereabouts.

An Afghan police spokesman confirmed that he believed the Taliban were behind the attack. However, a spokesman for the militants told Reuters that the group was aware of the incident but did not include what they considered a family affair.

Taliban fighters patrol Kandahar, Afghanistan.
The Taliban claim that they are now more moderate than they have been in power for decades.
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“They (the Taliban) first torture us (women) and then waste our bodies to show us as a model of punishment,” he said. Sometimes our bodies are fed to dogs.

“I was lucky to escape,” he said. “One has to live in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, one can even imagine the torment that befell the women, children and minorities there.” Is.

Recalling the brutal incident, Khatira, who has five children back in Ghazni but has been living in Delhi with her husband and young child since November, said she managed to move to Kabul and then to India for treatment. Because he had the financial resources to do so.

“This good fortune is not available to everyone. Women and anyone who disobeys the Taliban die on the streets.

“The Taliban do not allow women to see male doctors and at the same time do not allow women to study and work. So, what is left for a woman? Left to die? Even if you It seems that we are just reproductive machines, there is no intellect but pure hatred.

33-year-old female police officer.
Khatira was blinded in an incident she says the Taliban are responsible for.
Reuters / Muhammad Ismail

Holding her child, she asked, “How does a woman provide her children with guns according to these men’s dictation?” It’s hard for the world to imagine what we’ve done in the last 20 years. We dreamed. Now they are gone. It’s all over for us. “

Khatira said women who work with the government or the police are being “hunted and threatened” even before the Taliban take over the country – and this has worsened.

“Now, the concern is that women are out of work. At this point, I’m afraid they will leave these women alive. They don’t just kill women. They feed the animals on their bodies.” They are a stain on Islam, “said the mother.

“Our women and youth have come a long way in these 20 years to get somewhere – to earn a living, to get a decent education. Women were filling universities. It’s a beautiful sight to see girls going to school. Was

33-year-old female police officer.
Khatera now fears that her father will now leave behind her children who live in Afghanistan without her and her husband.
Reuters / Muhammad Ismail

“Everyone went down the drain in just one week. I even heard from my relatives that the families had started burning the girls’ education certificates to save them from the Taliban.

The Taliban claim that they have been in power for decades and are now more moderate, and say they have softened their stance on women’s rights – even though they did not educate girls at the age of 12. Refusal has indicated its intention to stop and reinstate women. The law requires that a man be related to a woman.

The rebels have also claimed that the group does not want violence.

No one who has escaped the Taliban will believe it in any way. Besides, Afghanistan is not just Kabul. Rural areas will be destroyed. The scale of ‘oppression’ and oppression that will fall on women, you will never think.

Our healthcare, our voices, our organizations will no longer exist because women will not be allowed to work or stay out of the home. What will happen to those who do not have a man in their house? Who will feed them? Only those born in the early 2000s have heard of the Taliban from their families. Now, they will face them again. This is hell, “he said.

Khatera also expressed concern that her father would now go after his children.

“Both my husband and I are not with our children. They are with relatives at home. But my father will be there soon and may physically harm my children or induct them into the Taliban.” Encourage them to take up arms and ruin their lives.


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