The blind pianist and his guide dog cannot enter the restaurant. They allege discrimination.

a worker Restaurant He refused to enter a. The blind pianist and his guide dog.Perhaps due to lack of space for the dog, his peers condemned the act. Discrimination And they say to create consciousness.

Of Pianist Fernando Apen shared a video of the moment on his account. Facebook And just two minutes into the recording, his colleagues and local staff were seen discussing the situation.

“Discrimination against a guide dog at El Borrego restaurant in Veracruz, Cardoba. They fired us rudely, they refused our service and they were very rude. Let’s raise awareness!”

Wrote in the post

Although the first reaction of the workers is unknown, the video shows a man in uniform. Restaurant, Chat with the group. “Let’s report it”, Says Fernando Apan, one of his colleagues.

While the people involved try to explain to the employee why they are committing it. Discrimination, Many customers enter the establishment without any resistance.

“It’s not a health guide, it’s yours,” replied the colleague. PianistA However, the worker denies the statements and assurances. “I am not discriminating. (…) I’ve already asked, it’s not up to me, it’s just me. They gave me this signal. “

For its part, Young pianist He tries to show her some documents without success. And although a woman intervenes to gain access, the man assures her, “Miss, she is. My job is in danger too“.

With the arrival of another employee, even in a local uniform, the conversation turns to privacy. Restaurant And asks colleagues to stop recording and points to it. There is no place for it Dog.

While the two employees are trying to control the situation, another woman is screaming from the window. “It’s private property, call the police.”This time in the thunder fingers.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Pianist, his Guide dog And wait for the fellow officers or if they leave. Restaurant, Because the video ends abruptly.



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