The Boring Company wants to dig a tunnel under the Tesla Gigafactory Texas Meczyki.Net

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company filed an application with the city of Austin To build a tunnel under Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas in Austin. application, which Electrek first reportedIt doesn’t explain what Tesla intends to do with the tunnel.

The application was filed on June 21, 2022, and although it does not specifically mention Giga Texas, the address on the filing is listed as 12733 Tesla Road, located at the north end of the campus.

The project, called the “Colorado River Connector Tunnel,” involves a “private access tunnel with associated improvements,” so perhaps Musk wants a secret road to enter his massive factory. Or maybe he’s secretly looking for a way to travel between companies.

Later Raising $675 million funding roundThe Boring Company (TBC) recently moved its headquarters to Pflugerville, northeast of Austin, and the company is reportedly in talks about some projects in Texas. However, this is the first time TBC has filed a building permit application.

The filing contains little information, but suggests that the tunnel will be about two miles in length and be located in an area that is outside Austin’s city limits, but where the city can still regulate activities.

In May, TBC got Kyle. city ​​approvalTo begin a feasibility study on an underground pedestrian tunnel that would connect a retail development to a housing development, which is south of Austin.

Earlier this month, TBC Approved To expand its tunnels into a 34-mile network under Las Vegas. It forms the company’s “Loop” in Vegas, a system of tunnels that Teslas take people between stations to avoid surface traffic—like the subway but boozy-er.