‘The boy has no appetite for self-improvement’ … Carlos Manoz humiliates waiter at one of his conferences (video)

Influential. Carlos Manoz., Became a trend on social networks after a video went viral. Makes fun of the waiter That he attended one of his conferences. ‘Talent and leadership’

Carlos Manoz. I received numerous criticisms. Social Network After stating, in one of his courses, that one of the waiters served the audience. “I was not hungry” From Outside.

“The guy standing there (the waiter), who’s working here today, I really appreciate his work, he’s there and he’s not sitting here because he’s not hungry, man.”He said during the conference

“He would have asked today and sat here, no, he is not hungry, he is where he is, he is comfortable and I can come back in 20 years and he can be in the same position.”, Continued his speech.

Following your comments, منوز۔ Internet users called him a ‘classist’, which is why he apologized. “All the people who are angry.” For the way he spoke, what he said has always been. “Aggressive”.

Manoj has caused a lot of controversy for his courses and conferences and there are some who criticize him. ‘Smoker’


Author: Meczyki

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