The Braves competed against Gallos Blancos.

Juarez City With the numerical advantage of the players on the field for more than 60 minutes, but with little or no power in the offense, the FC Juris could not cope with the defensive play of the brave Gallos Blancos de Querito and 0 Equal to -0. The pending match of the 10th day of Opera 2021 which was played on this border last night.

The Braves tried from left, right, with long-range shots and set pieces, but the goal was not in the field of Olympico Benito Juarez and the Border team missed the opportunity to fully participate in the fight for tickets.

In a match that also began with sunlight, FC Juárez was the team that took the initiative, albeit with a little clarity.

In the 18th minute, Jonathan Dos Santos left Gilos Blancos to a numerical loss to the players due to a red card after a shoulder collision between the players, which he received for a kick on Maximiliano Oliveira, although the game was reviewed. VAR and then the referee decided to expel.

Following the expulsion, fans paid tribute to all the women who fought or overcame breast cancer in 19 minutes.

The Browns played a leading role in the offense after receiving a red card for the first goal.

At 21 & # 39; Die Diego Rollin missed an opportunity for Bravo to advance on the scoreboard, as he missed a cross shot within a small area less than two meters from the goal.

From that moment on, the Border Team’s mission was to open the defensive lock of Gilos Blancos, a team that only tried to keep the tie.

Without approaching a rival area, Queiro found himself in a corner kick after a mistake inside the area, which was reviewed by the VAR and became the maximum penalty in the visitor’s favor.

Hugo Gonzalez twice saved a fine and dressed as a hero, which was charged by Brian Oliveira. The first remaining shot was fouled as the goalkeeper went beyond the goal line. In the second set, Hugo repeated the save and although the ball entered the goal in the counter shot, it was fouled against Quirataru and the score was still 0-0.

Although the goal was not achieved, the meeting saw emotions during the first 45 minutes. Fans cheered Gonzalez on his save.

In the second half, Ricardo Ferretti made changes with aggressive overtones, such as one side, Alberto Acosta, and one contingent, Jefferson Entrigo to bring out the two extremes, Fabian Castillo and Fernandinho.

The 65th minute of the game came but the goal has not been achieved yet. The Browns have not yet opened the defensive bolt of the Gallos Blancos.

Frustration gripped the Juarez team due to a lack of strength and the goal did not go to the 90’s Olympic Benito Juarez.

The fan couldn’t get down his throat and he had to overcome a goalless draw.

The next Bravoz will be a visitor against UNAM Pumas on Sunday, October 17 in the 13th day of the tournament.

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