The Cardinals fired Mike Schildt after shocking a late-season playoff run.

The team announced Thursday that the St. Louis Cardinals have parted ways with manager Mike Schildt.

The move comes as a surprise, as the Cardinals made an impressive second half in 2021, earning a place in the NL Wild Card. St. Louis was 52-52 at the All-Star break لیکن but they lost just 20 games for the rest of the season, setting a 17-game winning streak at one point.

The Cardinals lost to the Dodgers in the Wild Card game, but the situation seemed promising enough to maintain the status quo. The administration seems to feel different.

Former Cardinals manager Mike Schildt.
Former Cardinals manager Mike Schildt.
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Cardinals President John Moselick cited “philosophical differences” and noted that the decision was “something that came to light recently” at a press conference on Thursday.

Schildt has been at the Cardinals since the 2018 season, when the team took over as interim manager after parting ways with Mike Matthews halfway through the season. He came through the St. Louis organization, which began its administration in 2009 with the Johnson City Cardinals (AA).

He set a record of 252-199 in the Three Plus season.


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