The CDMX prosecutor’s office concluded that line 12 was terminated due to ‘construction errors’.

Mexico City With the argument of Various construction and design errors caused Metro Line 12 to collapse, Elias Lara Lopez Spokesman for the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office

The agency presented the results.e Investigation into the fall of section 12 on Thursday afternoon.

At 10:20 pm on May 3, 26 people were killed and 98 injured. According to the investigation, a metal beam supporting the rails between Olivos and Tizunko stations was half-lost and crashed into a train on Toluwick Avenue, derailing and causing two wagons to fall.

On his behalf, Prosecutor Ernestina Godoi Ramos.It formed that the prosecution has enough elements to charge a series of legal and natural persons, for which it will apply in a few hours. Criminal charges for murder, injury and damage to property.

Godwn pointed out that the findings presented this afternoon could be divided into two main components: the reasons for the prosecution’s dismissal of the expert’s opinion and the determination of the responsibilities of individuals and legal entities.

“Widely recognized experts were placed in different disciplines for their solidarity and experience. Expert witnesses who are not in our staff to strengthen our opinion. “

Godois Ramos indicated that the expert’s opinion. DNV is part of an independent and criminal process from the company.

First, the firm DNV, eThe Norwegian company in charge of reviewing the accident indicated that the cause of the crash was. Holding the beams due to lack of proper bolts.

Eliasson Lara said the activities were a study of the failure of the structure from C5 video analysis. Inspection and evidence gathering, both at the venue of the event and at its storage location, all with inter-agency work involving 19 specialist departments. (With information from Millennial and El Financiro)


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