The Chicago Special Aid teacher was shot dead on the expressway.

According to police and reports, a 67-year-old special education teacher was shot dead when she was caught in an exchange of fire on an expressway on the south side of Chicago.

Dennis Huglett was shot dead on the Denis Rio Expressway around 10 p.m. and was pronounced dead at a local hospital. WFLD-TV reported..

Hugliet was riding in an SUV on the south side of the road when he was shot, police said.

Police Sources told WLSTV. Hughes was killed and another woman was abducted when they were caught between two cars firing at each other.

Illinois State Troops chased vehicles at 120 miles per hour before the suspects collided with a soldier’s vehicle and were taken into custody.

Police did not release the names of the accused and said the charges were pending.

Hughlet, who was going to dinner with her husband and son, was a special education teacher at Evergreen Park Elementary School for 24 years. Said in a Facebook post.

“An Evergreen Park resident, she was a dear friend of many who will remember her character as pure, honest, fair and kind,” the Post said. “She was an incredible woman whose memory will always be with us.”

The fatal shooting came a day after 70-year-old grocery store worker Yvonne Rozich. He was ambushed and killed. Two people in their car outside their job at Baltimore Food & Laker in Chicago.

A Chicago Police Department spokesman said in an email to The Post on Wednesday that no new details had been released about the shooting and that police were not linking it to a new incident.


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