The Christopher Columbus Statue Parade in Philadelphia will be in the box for Judge Rolls.

A statue of Christopher Columbus in Philadelphia will be boxed for the city’s Columbus Day Parade, a judge ruled Saturday.

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Paula Patrick on Friday overturned a lower court ruling that would have removed the box before appealing Brother Brother Leo City’s decision.

The statue is located in Marconi Plaza, South Philly, where Sunday’s parade will end. Closed inside a wooden box after last summer’s civil unrest., George Floyd police outraged by the murder.

The statue and the plaza became the scene of several violent clashes between anti-government groups.

The Italian explorer, often credited with discovering the New World, has a complex legacy. To many Italian Americans, Columbus is a cultural hero for his heroic deeds. But for many other indigenous peoples and minorities, it is a symbol of violent colonization and oppression.

The city, led by Mayor Jim Kenny, has been pushing for the complete removal of the statue of the Italian explorer from the park since last year.

A statue of Christopher Columbus of Philadelphia has been hidden since June 2020.
A statue of Christopher Columbus of Philadelphia has been hidden since June 2020.

In August, Patrick ruled that the city’s decision to remove the statue was not supported by law and was based on insufficient evidence.

On Saturday, Patrick overturned a Commonwealth court order that allowed the city’s emergency appeal to have the statue un-boxed.

The city said the decision was a public safety measure that had provoked the statue in the past.

“Removing the plywood cover during this weekend will pose a serious threat to public safety,” the mayor’s office said. In a statement to NBC10..

Mayor Kenny. He said in a statement on Twitter on Saturday night. He said he was happy with the court’s decision, adding that no permanent decision had been made on the statue.

“Thankfully, the Commonwealth Court took the time to review this important issue tonight. The Commonwealth court restored the stay and quashed the order of the Court of Common Pleas from today. No action will be taken against the statue at this time.

A police officer is stationed with the statue, and additional security measures are in place to maintain peace following the judge’s order. CBS3 reported.


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