The chronology of the Benzema-Valbuena case, everything you need to know

The footballer of Real Madrid and off France team Karim Benzema it was was found guilty of participating in the extortion attempt to his ex-partner Mathieu Valbuena.

This is chronology of the Benzema case, a situation that kept “Gato” away from the national team for more than 5 years and marked the professional career of meringue attacker.

October 8, 2015. Benzema is the starting shot in a friendly match in Nice against Armenia. In the 4-0 win, he scores two goals and assists Antoine Griezmann.

October 13, 2015. The scandal about an alleged blackmail of the French international Mathieu Valbuena is published, as they asked for money in exchange for not spreading any videos with sexual content, and they put Djibril Cissé in police custody for inciting Valbuena to pay. Cissé is free.

November 5, 2015. One day after a relative of Benzema’s interrogation, the Real Madrid player appears before a referee in Versailles. The forward is charged and is under judicial control. On the same day, Deschamps leaves him out of the conversation about friendly matches against Germany and England.

6/7 November 2015. There are demonstrations in support of Benzema, from Real Madrid to the French Football Association itself.

November 27, 2015. Valbuena accuses Benzema, who allegedly asked him to negotiate with the blackmailers. “I would not do it against my worst enemy. His words show a lack of respect. I respect everyone, but here I have a feeling that he took me for a fool. I can not defend the indefensible,” Valbuena said in an interview with “Le Monde”.

December 1, 2015. The case has national repercussions. The then Prime Minister Manuel Valls defends that an “athlete who is not exemplary” should not represent France.

December 10, 2015. The French Football Association suspends the player until his legal situation is clarified.

March 31, 2016. A survey shows that 73% of French people do not want Benzema to return to the national team.

April 13, 2016. The French Football Federation announces that Benzema will not play in the Eurocup that year, which was played in France.

June 1, 2016. Benzema, of Algerian origin, is very critical of the coach, as he confirms in some statements that “he has bowed to the pressure from a racist part of France”.

17 May 2018. Deschamps announces the call for the World Cup in Russia. Benzema is still absent, with Griezmann and Mbappé as major references in the attack. France is declared world champion.

January 16, 2021. Deschamps says he still does not forgive Benzema’s allegations of racism. “I can not forget it,” he told RTL radio. In successive statements in the following months, he avoids talking about whether he will call the Madrid forward.

March 30, 2021. A court in Versailles is setting the trial date for Benzema, which will be held from October 20 to 21 this year.

October 22, 2021. Benzema is not appearing in Versailles’ penitentiary court and his lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, told EFE that the footballer was “surprised and scandalized” by the prosecutor’s allegations.

24 November 2021. The Correctional Court of Versailles finds Karim guilty and the sentence of one year in prison conditional. The Frenchman will have to pay a fine of 84 thousand dollars.


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