The concert seeks to limit researchers’ expression.

Mexico City.- The National Council of Science and Technology (Conset) has asked its members to “refrain from making negative or offensive comments or opinions about the policies or programs of the Conset in the performance of their functions.”

The document’s approval date is September 2019 and the first revision is September 2021, and will become official as soon as it is published on the company’s official website.

However, it was pointed out that “it is not a question of inclusion in any investigative or repressive policy, but voluntarily and consciously in favor of restoring and strengthening the trust of citizens and the public in the government and its democratic institutions.” Researchers consider the document “an ornament of scientific terrorism”, as Professor Eric Galen Castro wrote on Twitter.

The invitation to open the document, signed by the agency’s director, Maria Elena Alvarez-Baila, reads: They used to do bad things and put their personal interests before the public interest. Corruption overpowered public morality. The Consortium was no exception. ”

“I allow myself, with the support of this Code of Conduct, to once and for all renounce all bad practices, which are like the previous government, so that instead, we Save the principles in public service, such as honesty, integrity, transparency, respect, dialogue, cooperation, austerity and efficiency, but also the joy of serving one’s country, love of country and hope for a better world. ”

He added that the Code of Conduct introduces the new standards of public ethics claimed in this “Fourth Amendment”, and aims to be an effective tool for identifying attitudes and situations that threaten the integrity of public service in the Convention. Is. Prevention tool and a mechanism for the moral well-being and dignity of government officials who respect the law and promote public morality.

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