The contestants left dazed and in fits of laughter after the Love Island Talent Show

The islanders were stunned, impressed and laughed after participating in the Love Island 2022 talent show.

On today’s episode, the members took to the stage in front of their fellow islanders to showcase their hidden skills.

Among those who made an impression was Andrew LePage after impressing with his standup performance, and India Polak caused uncontrollable laughter with her attempt at the recorder.

For his comedy routine, Andrew used a small model of a villa to show off his real estate agent skills and quick wits.

As he walked through the villa, he would recall highlights from the series to play pranks on the other members.

His greatest joy came when he left his partner Tasha Guri in need, as he said, “One of the memories that stands out to me in particular was that he went out and saw an absolute worldly girl in a blue bikini. I think we all know who Antigone is.

After that, in the beach hut, Tasha said: “We did not expect this from Andrey. When he said “Antigone” instead of me, I thought, “Ah, a blow to the heart,” but it’s okay, Andrew, because my heart is still for you.”

In India, her fellow members cried with laughter when she tried to turn on the tape recorder, but it was often very out of tune.

After that, at the beach hut, she said, “I haven’t practiced since I was eight years old, but you could still make out what I was trying to play, so I’m really proud of myself.”

For Tasha’s performance, she sang the cup song from Pitch Perfect, and Dami Hope wrote a rap about the islander’s stay at the villa.

Adam also wowed his fellow islanders with a card trick in which he had his partner, Paige Thorne, act as his glamorous assistant to shuffle the cards in various ways.

After she laid out four piles, he forced her to turn over the top card of each to reveal four aces, shocking the other islanders.

While Paige and Gemma Owen performed The Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps, dressed in matching outfits of black bodysuits, pink pants and white caps with their initials on them.

Ekin-Soo played up her villa title by wearing a sash that read “Miss Drama Queen 2022” along with a long sparkly silver dress and crown as she delivered a dramatic speech.

After praising her fellow islanders individually, she told her partner Davida, “I can’t promise you more drama, however I can promise you that you’re fucking happy.”

Italian stallion Davide demonstrated how to cook topless carbonara pasta using only an apron and a chef’s hat for his talent show, while Luca made the best impression on Troy Bolton by singing “Break Free” from the school musical.

Dancer Danica Taylor also showed off her moves in a sultry dance number, while her new partner Jamie Allen showed off his professional soccer skills.

Earlier in the episode, Danica asked Jamie if he fits the football player stereotype of not always being faithful in relationships.

He told her it wasn’t his behavior, adding, “I’m 27 years old and I’ve had it all out of my system. I feel that your energy and all that you will keep me on my toes, which is what I need.

Danica later approached Gemma, whose father is football star Michael Owen, to ask her for advice about players.

The dancer told Gemma: “I know there are stereotypes sometimes. He’s the kind of guy that young footballers go to clubs, take tables, get girls.”

She added, “I’m really forgetting that it’s obvious that your dad is literally in prime time, absolutely at the top of his game.”

Gemma replied: “All football players, as far as I know, all have this guy… a little cocky, a little cocky. It’s kind of a stereotype, but half the truth.”

She added, “He knows he looks decent and he knows he can probably get girls and they’ll fling but it really depends on the type of person.”

Speaking later at the beach hut, Danica added: “Her (Jemma’s) mom and dad have been together since they were god knows how old, so, you know, dreams do come true.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITV Hub.