The countryside deserves more attention: Marco Bonella.

Chihuahua Municipal President Marco Antonio Bonella Mendoza yesterday inaugurated the paving of access to the Ajido Ocampo Health Center, as well as the name of the streets in the rural area, at an investment of 1,025,147 paise.

In addition, the streets of the area were named after an investment of 24,960 paise, which will benefit 500 residents through rural development and municipal public works directorates.

In this part of the rural area of ​​the municipality, there were 96 billboards for 26 streets, which deserve more attention from the authorities and are part of the commitment of the present municipal administration.

The work has an investment of Rs 1,717,516 crore by the Rural Development Directorate, which will benefit a significant number of families living in the area as well as nearby areas.

The mayor also launched the program “Precautions against Covid 19 in your school”, by sanitizing classrooms at the Ignacio Zaragoza Regional Center for Comprehensive Education (CREI).

Author: Meczyki

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