The court allows Texas to reinstate the abortion law.

AustinTEXAS – A federal appeals court authorized Texas to temporarily reinstate a law that prohibits most abortions on Friday, just a day after state clinics first introduced them in the early 1990s. Bar began serving patients.

Texas abortion providers were preparing for the 5th Federal Court of Appeal. Circuito acted swiftly, even accepting new appointments from patients and reopening its doors during a brief suspension of the law known as SB8, which detects cardiac activity in the fetus. The latter prohibits termination of pregnancy, which usually occurs at six weeks of gestation.

District Judge Robert Putman, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, issued an order Wednesday suspending Texas law, calling it an “aggressive deprivation” of the constitutional right to abortion. Had given He made the decision in response to a lawsuit filed by President Joe Biden’s administration.

But the New Orleans Court of Appeals granted Texas’ request as soon as possible until the case is reviewed. He directed the Justice Department to respond by Tuesday.

There were about two dozen abortion clinics in Texas before the law went into effect on Sept. 1, and not everyone who provides the service in the state resumed it when it was suspended. Many doctors feared that the Court of Appeal would immediately lift the suspension, putting them back in legal danger.

The new law threatens Texas abortion providers to sue individuals who are entitled to up to 10,000 in compensation if they win the case. This new view is why the courts did not overturn the law before Putman’s decision, because the state does not play a role in enforcing sanctions.

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