The decision of the Mexican bank – Meczyki

The Bank of Mexico decided by consensus to raise the reference rate at 75 points based on 7.75 per cent, in a historical movement and without precedent since adopting the interlocutory movement in 2008. The mercados, the luo de que semana pasada la Reserva Federal decidió hacer lo propio en Estados Unidos. This is the second instance in the cycle of alza de tasas, in which all the members voted in favor of an increase in the magnitude of the magnitude, which allowed the imperfect impulse to contain the process of formation of precision and the loss of the mouse. of the Gobierno Junta on Inflation.

Accurately received the latest data on inflation in Mexico from Alzheimer’s. The inflection for the first time since June at 7.88, not only the mayor but also the expectant, is the same as the elevated in the last 21 hours, it is an evidently the same thing. Precious The sublime inflation – which determines the general traction of the medium in the medium and large plasma – is estimated at 7.47 per annum in terms of annuals, and 0.50 per cent per quintal in medicine, since it was rejected in 1988. One of the factors mediating the precaution for Banxico is the persistence of sublime inflation, or that it is the best indicator respecting the general evolution of the future. In addition to the Bank of Mexico modified considerably to increase its inflation.

In its communication, the Gobierno Junta will raise its estimation estimates. Hopefully in the last trimester of August the Inflation Prometheus 7.5 will feel. Notice that for the third trimester of August there is an 8.8 per cent inflection, which will be much higher than the actual. Nobody cares that the meta of 3.0 will be considered in the first trimester of 2024. The expectations in the median and the other plazas are still there because we want to know what is going on. , And it would be an ideal addition to the monetary conduct of politics.

Bankso had a chance in this reunion. The mercado recently discovered a movement of three points in this position. Without embarking, the head of the province of the data of inflection, and before the instability of various members of the Gobierno sober about their “contingent accusations” and send a message to combat the inflection and macrocosm enclave. The desirable hubiera has an increment of 100 points based on which the mercado agents have been estimated. The actual activities required. The movers in the “tandem” with the Federal Reserve so easily agree that they will differentiate between the two. If only he knew what he was saying.Spread out”To meet in maximum histories, the actual infiltration is actually plagued by those who want more aggressive actions. With that in mind, the first objection in Mexico left Alcanzar and defeated the 9.5 per cent to reach the final.

Not to be outdone, the announcement of the indicators of the economic activity of the United States states, while the mayor’s visit to the pro-government desegregation that is expected in the country. In the post, the modifiers of the futures movimientos of the Tassas intersection for the part of the Federal Moderate Reservoir were released. In the middle of a volatile mercury, the merchant agents have incorporated a restricted monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, even though they are increasingly aggressive. ¿Será que banco de mexico no quiere gastarse todas las balas?