The delivery reception begins in Acuña.

ACUÑA, COAH – It will happen. The third week of October, when I Government of Acuña The process Delivery welcome, with the Commissions formed.I would like to inform both the outgoing and incoming administration. Juice Jamie Garcia.

Of Municipal Controller.That said, though, it has nothing to do with it. Elected mayor, Who should lead the reception and who should be approached? Yamile mtnous, Majority elected union.

“Whoever he comes up with must lead the reception and from there, the mayor-elect and who to receive,” he said.

He announced that the deadline for this process is October, so there is still time. The next administration., Headed by Emilio Alejandro de Hovi مونs Monte Maier., Nominate yourself. Commission.

On There will be a protocol meeting in December. To perform officially Referral to outgoing mayor To the next mayor

“I would like to think that due to the causes of the epidemic, we will not be able to have a meeting with all the incoming and outgoing officials, so it will be pre-arranged for three of the three officials,” he said. ۔


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