The demise of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram cost Mexico about 26 26,265 million.

According to estimates, a six-hour blackout that affected the services of Facebook company and WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger platforms worldwide this Monday cost Mexico about 26 26,265 million. In addition, it affected 80 million users.

Facebook’s listing on the Mexico Stock Exchange (BMV) fell 4.63 percent at the end of the trading day on Monday, with its securities valued at 6,686 paise.

Shares of the company fell 4.89 percent (قیمت 326.23 per share) and its owner, Mark Zuckerberg, lost more than ارب 6 billion in personal wealth, a loss of 8 968,537,026 worldwide.

The calculations were made by the organization through its NetBlocks Coast of Shutdown tool, which estimates the economic impact of Internet disruptions, mobile data blackouts or application restrictions, the World Bank, ITU, Eurostat and Using census indicators. Thus, the cost for Mexico was 264 million 927 thousand 46 paise.

According to a study of Internet users’ habits in Mexico 2021, the Internet Association of Mexico There are 84.1 million internet users in the country, of which 91% use WhatsApp services, 81.9% have an account on the social network Facebook and 36.4% have an account on Instagram. In Mexico, 72% of the 6-year-old population use the Internet.

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Facebook’s social platforms were the result of a change in the layout of routers without a service that connects traffic between the company’s data centers.

According to the Down Detector portal, the failures of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook started appearing around 10:30 am (Central Mexico Time). The fall prevented users from accessing the platform (neither through the app nor the web) and sending messages in the case of WhatsApp.

Traffic was disrupted by changing the configuration of routers that connect network traffic between the company’s data centers. It “greatly affected the way our data centers communicated, paralyzed our services.”Santosh Janardhan, vice president of infrastructure, explained on Facebook’s engineering blog.

The manager assured that there is no evidence that user data has been affected as a result of this fall.

NetBlocks reminded that Facebook services have already experienced a global shutdown, as well as a partial shutdown between April 14, 2019 and March 14, 2019, all attributed to technical glitches by the company.

The one registered this Monday is the most serious so far. The integration of the company’s platform in 2019 raised concerns about the risks of centralizing services.

Many of the victims came to alternative platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, TickTalk or Signal, which slowed down their services and in some cases led to a shortfall in service.


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