The Democratic leadership is lining up against the Blue Dog insurgency over infrastructure.

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“I know we have some arguments about who goes first, and the fact of the matter is that we’re doing all of the above. Told them, Citing three items on the legislative agenda for next week’s short session, voting rights, as well as a budget resolution for the Bloodback Better Plan and the Senate Infrastructure Bill. “Remember the psychology of consensus.” “This is a real opportunity to advance an agenda, and it’s important that we agree, and I’m sure we have,” he added.

There is also the element of the White House. On Tuesday, White House spokesman Andrew Bates told lawmakers that Biden was completely behind Pelosi and the leadership in his decision. Beats Said By email. “All three are key elements of the president’s agenda, and we hope that every Democrat will support this effort to move these important legislative steps forward.”

Pelosi added the strongest and most powerful opponent of the Senate’s bilateral bill to convince moderates that he was not cheating on anything with these votes. Rep. Peter de Fazio, chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has been rightly complaining for weeks that his hard work in drafting and passing a tough infrastructure bill was completely ignored by the Senate and the White House.

Defazio was threatening to insist on holding a House Senate conference to change the Senate bill. “We have to stay strong. We have to stay together,” he said on the call. “If you want to get involved in this game, and you want the House to be a meaningful participant, stay tuned next week.”

Defazio simply refutes the real argument that Gothammer has evolved – that it is. Absolutely necessary That the Senate bill has now passed, because “you’ve got tremendous momentum, you’ve got 19 Republicans in the Senate, you have the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce and others supporting it.” Which is pretty ridiculous on his face – the Senate has already approved it. Those 19 Republicans in the Senate will not be able to get their votes, no matter how long the House takes to pass the bill.

Guttierez also argued that the bill needed to be passed immediately for projects to begin immediately. “We have to bring shovels to the ground. You’re talking about 2 million jobs a year over the next ten years,” he said. De Fazio reminded everyone on the call that the bill would not go into effect before October 1, even if it was passed immediately, as it would begin with the new fiscal year and when the current transport programs would end.

There are also signs of frustration among Democrats over the Gottheimer gang building, which is not part of the larger Congressional Progressive Cox or the Blue Dog / Problem Solvers gang. This is Philadelphia Rep. Brendan Boyle, who is a staunch opponent of the Blue Dogs’ actions and vows to vote against the Senate bill if Biden, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schmidt are two tracks ahead of the bills. Have agreed t followed.


The only procedure Pelosi and the team are planning is a single vote – the “rule” – which will allow the Senate to debate a tough infrastructure bill, John Lewis will set up the Voting Rights Advancement Act for the vote. , And will present the budget resolution in the Senate. Approved last week to allow committees to approve portions of their 3.5 3.5 trillion Bloodback Better Budget Resolution. The final vote on infrastructure and reconciliation will take place when Congress returns from the rest of August in late September, or possibly even in October, depending on all the intricate pieces that fall off the wheels of government. Remember, it’s there. A lot is happening Excluding critical budget negotiations, including debt ceiling and government funding.

Gothammer and staff paint themselves in a corner. He would have thought that Biden’s willingness to leave his Senate counterparts free and away from the script would increase. Democrats Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema were allowed to run the process in the Senate for whatever reason, but possibly to include bilateral ties in Biden’s plans. Now that this has been achieved, the House has to do its job and pass the bills. Yes, he will say more on the second track of the project, Blood Back Better Reconciliation Bill. But right now, the House troublemakers are standing alone, mostly because they stand in the way.

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