The dog days of disrupting $1300 savings are ending tonight – Meczyki.Net

File this post under the apt adage, “All good things must come to an end.” Tonight, October 18-20 at San Francisco, Meczyki.Net Disrupt for early bird pricing and you have your chance to save up to $1,300.

Now it’s time: Buy Your Early-Bird Pass for Meczyki.Net Disrupt 11:59 a.m. PDT tonight, Your bottom line will thank you.

With that hefty discount securely tucked under your money belt, you can be ready for three full days dedicated to building and scaling successful, early-stage startups.

It takes money, honey, No matter where you fall on the early-stage founder spectrum, you’ll learn about emerging investment trends and walk away from expert VCs with plenty of options, including:

  • Mike Assem, M25 . general partner of
  • Nico Bonatos, Managing Director of General Catalisto
  • Annie Case, partner at Kleiner Perkins

It expands your knowledge base, You’ll learn best practices during discussions with key founders and CEOs – and hear strategies and approaches you may have never considered, including:

  • Amy Gan, OnlyFans. CEO of
  • Eric Glyman, co-founder and CEO of Rampo
  • Workboard co-founder and CEO Didre Paknad

It grows your network, Let us count the ways:

  • Our AI-powered event app simplifies finding and building truly valuable connections with driven, focused people who can help you achieve your business needs and goals.
  • Speed ​​Networking: Use the Events app during 3-minute, topic-based, randomized sessions. She keeps going round and round, who you will meet, no one knows.
  • Dinner for Six: Sign up on site and enjoy a meal with up to five other attendees at a local restaurant. Where will the conversation take you?

Meczyki.Net Disrupt 2022 takes place in San Francisco from October 18-20 with an online day on October 21. Hold on to this good thing for as long as you can. buy your pass until 11:59pm PDT tonightAnd you can save up to $1,300.

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