The Dosbokas refinery will be called Olympica, AMLO announced

Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador.The president of Mexico announced this Thursday that the Dos Bocas refinery, located in Tabasco, will be inaugurated in July 2022 and will be named Olympica.

This was stated by the President of Mexico at a morning conference at the National Palace. The name Olmika will pay homage to the mother culture of our country.

We are going to open the (Dos Bocas) refinery in July next year. We are going to inaugurate it on July 2 next year and it will be called Olympica as a tribute to the mother culture., He insisted

The Mexican president clarified that the dispute at the refinery, which led to clashes between workers and riot police, would delay the opening of priority work. The president denied that there was a “black hand” from abroad to stop construction work at the refinery on Wednesday.

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“I don’t think there is any black hand in stopping the refinery because they don’t want to produce petrol abroad in Mexico.” He gestured

At a cost of approximately 8. 8.89 billion, the Lopez Obrador refinery is one of the main tasks of the government, as well as the restoration of six existing ones.

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The president seeks to promote projects such as the refinery in Tabasco to strengthen state oil company Pemex and achieve energy self-sufficiency.

But along with the refinery, the new capital airport or Maya Train has sparked criticism from opposition politicians and activists over its environmental impact and the disproportionate concentration of the public budget.


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