The driver collided with his truck and left in the La Merced de Turin neighborhood, El Seglo de Turin.

At sunrise this Friday morning, the driver of a truck hit a fence and a pole, causing a loss of 80,000 paise.

The accident was reported at 0:05 a.m. and the truck. A Chevrolet, Tracks, Model 2015..

The vehicle was traveling around Diagonal Los Fonts and Dell Mercader Street in the La Merced neighborhood.

It was west to east and at the height of Weldold Street, the driver lost control due to the speed at which he was going, he “crawled” several meters and came to the sidewalk. Unless you hit the company’s perimeter fence that protects the water well at Campster de Turin..

After hitting the fence, the unit continued on its way and hit the concrete post.

Due to the loud noise that started, one of the campster’s maintenance staff came out to see what was happening and said the driver had not been seen in the unit. But some “chulo” looking subjects on the motorcycle approached and began removing equipment from the unit., And then quickly retreat.

Elements of traffic and roads arrived, as well as experts from the Municipal Court of Justice, who were in charge of preparing the report.


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