The Duchess of Cambridge smiles as she appears to support the Ascot winner.

After winning the Perfect Power Commonwealth Cup, Kate stared at a guest at the palace, and William came to his wife, smiling.

The couple shared a few more highlights before disappearing, probably to consolidate their royal victory.

Dressed as Polka.Alexandra Rich, Kate showed a glimpse of the old days when Diana, Princess of Wales, dressed like Ascot in 1988.

William and Kate did not attend the Berkshire meeting for many years and rejoiced, which they confessed with a wave, when the crowd at the parade ring first saw a glimpse of the royal couple.

The Cambridge arrived in a procession of traditional carriages leading a group of royal guests, but once again the Queen was absent from the famous racecourse.

Lindsay Wallace and Peter Phillips (right) on the fourth day of the Royal Scout (David Davis / PA) / PA Wire

The following car was carrying Peter Phillips and his girlfriend Lindsay Wallace, who attended several events with the Queen’s grandson on Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

With temperatures forecast to reach 31C (87.8F) but feeling overheated, organizers announced that dress codes would not be enforced in all enclosures and race participants would now be allowed to take off their jackets and ties. The royal procession is over.

Race Gores during the fourth day of the Royal Scout (David Davis / PA) / PA Wire

A Royal Scott spokesman said: “It’s all about safety and guests are able to bring soft drinks and water to stay hydrated and comfortable in this beautiful weather.”

Occasionally a gust of wind swirled around the women’s race clothes, and Kate hung on to her hat, talking to guests in the parade ring.

The punters were reminded to stay cool during the heat wave, and on one occasion, when the royal family mingled in the colors of the parade, a message broadcast on the public speaking system said: “Please have coffee all afternoon. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. “

People attending the Royal Scott race were pleased with the temperature and did not adjust their clothing, but a photographer tore off their tie and jacket a few minutes after the procession ended.

Eric Chaseman, one of the Royal Scots’ green coats, the official ambassador of the race course, was holding an umbrella to protect himself from the scorching sun in his velvet green uniform, complete with a hat and white gloves on top.

Race runners during the fourth day of the Royal Scout (Aaron Chauhan / PA) / PA Wire

In the days of Queen Anne, who founded the Racing Mate, when in 1711 she described the Ascot as “ideal for galloping horses”, the Green Coats once visited the King and his party stand. It will clear the way for the people.

Mr Chaseman said: “I’m wearing a green velvet jacket and vest and people often ask me, ‘Aren’t you hot?’, But I always said, ‘I’m not hotter than you.’ ۔

“But I had to put on some sunblock, because it’s really hot today.”

Katie Ferrell, 47, and her family had found a practical way to keep their hearts cool, holding electric fans in their hands that they had bought after watching them on television.

Ms Ferrell and her two daughters and soon-to-be daughter-in-law were taken along by all the fans and the 47-year-old Sevenaks, Kent said: “We saw them on Lauren Kelly’s show and I thought we’d get them. To counter the heat wave, they were جان 12 from John Lewis.

“This is my first time with my girls and I will be a daughter-in-law soon. I’m no better than racing tips. We’re here for fun and champagne.”

As the temperature rose in the afternoon, suit jackets were taken off for those standing in the bright sun at the main stand, but only a few people dug up the top hat and tail in the special royal wall.