The education retrocede a decadence in Latin America

لاس niveles de educación retrocedieron al menos una dicada en américa latina por el impacto de la pandemia y There will be a generation of students If the goblins do not have any urgent meditations to keep the girls in the school, advise this is the World Bank (BM).

Debid to the pandemic los puntajes en asignaturas fundamenta como lengua y matematics kayeron a niveles de más de 10 años atrás: How many little girls are there in the sixth grade (80 per cent) do not tend to understand and interpret a basic text para ed edad comparado el el 50 por ciento que tenían esa misma dificiultad antes de la pandemia, de acuerdo con el informe del BM “Dos años después: salvando a una generationón”.

Millones de niños y adolescentes corren el riesgo de dejar la escuela But when it comes to appearances, indicating that the information is deficient in the juveniles, and assures that these predecessors from the United Nations will be tracked down in the United Nations descending Dale 12 because we are in doubt.

Latin America and the Caribbean are already an educational crisis without precedent that we might lose the future of our country ”, said Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The pandemic has shown hers profundas in región, that the pesar de albergar sólo el 8 por ciento de la población mundial ha tenido el promedio m eles elevado de muertes globales. لا اقتصادیات علاقہائی has even added a lot, with a contraction of the fingers to cover the new ones of the day.

The schools in Latinoamérica and the Caribbean have been established for the last 58 semesters, taking place in the deserts of Asia and the Americas. In the region, there is a general generation of students – 170 million chicos- Perceived partial or complete two days of preschool classesEquivalent to an approximation of the a yo and the medium of apprenticeship, there is information.

“It’s important There is a general generation of girls who do not have basic skillsThe competition, for the sake of learning and for the sake of excitement in the most difficult trade, ”said the entrepreneur with The Associated Press Emanuela di Gropelo, following the Practice of Education in the United States of America. Automatic reporting jointly with UNICEF and UNESCO.

For Jean Gough, Director of the Regional UNICEF, try a “catástrofe educativa

The report says that there is only one Education Crisis in the Region Before the pandemic, it was suggested that the remotest of education would be given to the schools permanecieron cerradas, or the sea of ​​platforms in television, television, radios or social media, and so on.

The bondage of sin, la educación a distancia enfrentó numerosos desafíosEnter the equilibrium devices on the Internet or the electronic devices.

The impact has been more intense in the children than in the peacocks, there is a lot of grades, and in the families more vulnerable or with socioeconomic specificities, there is information.

The group said that the education was very effective in all parts of the world, even some, like Uruguay, had the best technological advances before the pandemic and even more moderate effects. In other words, as the Central American, for example, the golpe fue Meyer debated the lack of access to the internet or the vulnerability of the best part of its popularity, explicitly.

The study of the two greats: the vicariousness of all the children in the school and the perception of the aprendizaje, which includes a new medicine. , in the field of lectura and mathematics and the implementation of programs and strategies to recover the new.

“The crisis will not allow us to seize the opportunity to recover and this is urgent, we will also reconsider the best antes”, said Di Gropelo.

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