The Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State are all built faster than the West Midlands Metro Westside extension.

It has been more than six months since the £ 149 million West Midlands Metro Tram was extended to 54 Hegley Road and the terminus area is incomplete, but the Midland Metro Alliance said today that it aims to open it in time for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. July 28 The scheme is now in its sixth year since construction began – and that means a 1.2-mile walk from the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building, the Black Pool Tower and even the original London to Birmingham. Will be slow to complete. Railway line in the 1830s.

When President John F. Kennedy announced on May 25, 1961, that he hoped to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade, he was as good as his words. The Apollo 11 mission landed on July 20, 1969 – the longest ten-year effort to extend the line from downtown Snow Hill to Egbiston.

Construction of the original Wolverhampton-Birmingham tram line began in the fall of 1995 and opened on May 30, 1999, ten months after the project was scheduled. Expansion of the West Midlands Metro line outside of Snow Hill began in June, 2012, but is fine. Even after 10 years, passengers cannot travel up to five routes. The original track from Snow Hill to Grand Central / Stephenson Street cost £ 75 million and went five months behind schedule on May 26, 2016. Today, trams only travel to Bill Street.

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Trams were supposed to start running on 54 Hegley Road in December 2021, but the 8 83.4 million 0.8-mile stretch is now six months behind schedule. Central launched on June 12, 2017. Phase One trams were able to travel 0.4 miles to reach Centenary Square on December 11, 2019. As recently as June 1, 2021 – دن 8 per day non-compliant vehicles for the day Clean Air Zone was introduced – the promise was that Phase Two services would run from Fiveways Island to Morrison by December 2021. Will go

But in June last year, the entire metro network was suspended for several days due to cracks in the chassis of the trams themselves. Work then began on July 25, 2021, at a cost of £ 5 million to rebuild the entire section of the track from Corporation Street to Grand Central, although it was only in service for five years and two months.

Paving work in the West Midlands Metro Terminus area near 54 Hegley Road has not yet been completed – although services were scheduled to begin in December 2021.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

The rebuilt track of Corporation Street was completed on time by the end of October 2021, but the network was shut down within two weeks. Today, flooring is still underway on both sides of Corporation Street, near Bill Street / Lower Bill Street and JD Weatherspun Pub de Square Peg.

After the second network shut down from mid-November to mid-December due to chassis problems, services to Centenary Square resumed on February 12 – when it was clear that the tram would still run at its worst. Just to suspend the whole line. Once again from the end of March. The tram from Wolverhampton to Birmingham returned to service on June 9, 2022, but has not passed Bill Street since March 20.

That means they have to go back to Centenary Square, no matter what, start running on five routes. There are not enough trams in service to maintain the basic schedule of 12 to 15 minutes along the long route to Centenary Square. The purpose of trams is to run longer every six to eight minutes, so going beyond 15-minute intervals can be more crowded than not having enough trams to cover the distance.

Although the new, 0.8-mile, £ 83.4 million Broad Street tram track has been completed and trams tested using it, work continues on a smooth site around the Hegley Road Terminus Shelters. The reason it was not completed on time by the end of 2021 was because the so-called hurricanes had stopped, but even after the relatively dry season of the spring months, pedestrians on June 23 still had a Had to walk along the fence. Hegley Road off-lane while traffic was restricted to one lane during rush hour. Cyclists trying to use ‘active travel’ are told to get down.

To explain why the Hegley Road terminus has not yet been completed when the line was six months behind schedule, a spokesman for the Midland Metro Alliance said today: Completion work is being completed in the section in the coming days. Preparations are also underway for future expansion of transport along Hegley Road.

“The area has been stockpiled to enable it to offer more with branded design in the coming days. The launch date of passenger services for Egbiston will be fixed on time. The goal is to make this Commonwealth It’s time for games. “

In the video above you will see a mega bus coach waiting to change two sets of traffic lights near Morrison – it looks like one seat is there to control the tram lines that are not there. But neither is fulfilling a clear purpose.

Look At The Five Lanes Along The Exit Road: The Tram Extension To Hegley Road Was Supposed To Begin In December 2021, But Six Months Later The Outbound Traffic Has Been Reduced To One Lane And Pedestrians You Have To Walk Along The Lane That Is Fenced.
Look at the five lanes along the exit road: The tram extension to Hegley Road was supposed to begin in December 2021, but six months later the outbound traffic has been reduced to one lane and pedestrians You have to walk along the lane that is fenced.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

Asked why vehicles had to wait so long, an MMA spokesman said: “Traffic signals have been put up on Hegley Road to prepare tram and bus services and improve pedestrian waiting times. It has been set up in recent days. The vehicle signals are connected to other nearby traffic signals. “

Operator West Midlands Metro last tweeted about full service on Friday, June 24. Its site wmmetro said: “Once we have the tram available, we will use the extension that has been built and we will make sure that an announcement is made when that happens. Will. “

Mike Oli, Westside BID manager, said: “I’m still looking forward to being able to buy a ticket to Morrison – which has been happening since last fall. It’s one thing to know the cost of building the subway, The city should be like that. The element of all the money that local businesses have lost with this project, which is now more than six months old. “

The big plans that were made faster.

Expansion of the West Midlands Metro Tram began five years ago on June 12, 2017 – a period of 1,844 days until June 30, 2022.

Some other major projects completed this way faster than where it is easily known, using start and completion dates.

A Single Speed With An Incomplete West Midlands Metro Tram Terminus Area Near 54 Hegley Road - This Stop Was Supposed To Go Into Service Six Months Ago In December 2021.
A single speed with an incomplete West Midlands Metro tram terminus area near 54 Hegley Road – this stop was supposed to go into service six months ago in December 2021.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

London to Birmingham railway line – Work on the original 1830 route (when there were no JCBs for heavy excavation) began in November 1833. The line opened less than five years later on September 17, 1838, when the Curzon Street railway station received its first train.

Eiffel Tower – Excavation began on January 26, 1887, and the 1,083-foot tower (tip, upper floor is 906 feet) was completed on March 31, 1889. This means that the work took two years, two months and five days or 795 days.

Black Pool Tower – The foundation stone was laid on September 25, 1891 and the tower was opened on May 14, 1894. This is a total of 962 days. At 518 feet tall, it is taller than the BT Tower in central Birmingham.

Empire State Building – Construction of the world’s first 100-story building in New York began on March 17, 1930, and opened one year and 45 days later, on April 11, 1931 – or 390 days. The upper floor is 1,250 feet high, but reaches exactly 1,454 feet. There are 1,872 steps to the 102nd floor observatory.

June 24, 2022: Roads For The West Midlands Metro Tram Line On Corporation Street Outside Jd Weatherspun Pub De Square Peg Have Been Under Construction For Almost A Year.
June 24, 2022: Roads for the West Midlands Metro Tram Line on Corporation Street outside JD Weatherspun Pub de Square Peg have been under construction for almost a year.
(Photo: Graham Young / Birmingham Live)

Golden Gate Bridge – The connection between San Francisco and Marine County is 1.7 miles long, with the longest distance being about 0.8 miles. The bridge carries six-lane traffic, is 90 feet wide and has a maximum height of 746 feet (taller than any building in Birmingham) and when it was built about 90 years ago, it was the longest and There was a high suspension bridge. Construction began on January 5, 1933, and ended 1,565 days later, on April 19, 1937, and a month later, on May 27, before entering service (1,603 days in total).

Channel Tunnel – Spread over 32 miles (24 miles under the sea), construction work took place from an unspecified date in late 1987/1988 until its official opening on May 6, 1994. The service tunnel was found in December 1990. Two important railway tunnels met. May 22, 1991 and June 28, 1991, respectively.

Bill Ring Shopping Center – The original shopping center was built in three years and two weeks – or in 1,110 days from May 15, 1961 until it was officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on May 29, 1964. 1.5 million bricks were needed for construction.

Billing Shopping Center – Construction work on the alternative began in March 2001, after its predecessor was completely demolished. It officially opened on September 4, 2003, just 30 months later. It took the same amount of time to extend the West Midlands Metro Tram to 0.4 miles. From Grand Central to Centenary Square at a cost of £ 65.8 million – 912 days from 12 June 2017 to 11 December 2019.

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