The Elvie Stride electric breast pump is revolutionizing the market.


If you’re just starting your breastfeeding journey, the idea of ​​pumping may not always be the most appealing. In the past, restraints looked like torture devices, were unpleasant, outdated and made you feel like a glorious milk machine – but not anymore.

Elvi is on a mission to bridge the gap in the often-overlooked category of women in tech. The British brand has designed this latest smart device. Alvi Stride – Hands-free, to bring hospital-grade performance to the comfort of your home.

Encouraging new moms to “pump at their own pace,” the electric breast pump is designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly, to slip seamlessly into your new lifestyle. There is – all this at an affordable price tag (£169).


Shopping for a newborn can be an overwhelming task – from choosing the right car seat to the best crib, there are so many decisions to make. Then there are the medical issues as well as the practical elements of childcare, especially if you’re planning to go back to work.

Mark shopping off your to-do list and add a breast pump to your postpartum routine to give you more freedom to get out and about while breastfeeding.

Start your breastfeeding journey with Elvi.

Why should you use a breast pump?

These devices can be a complete game changer. To allow you to build up a milk supply that you can store overnight, leave your baby in the capable hands of a family member or friend or take the opportunity to entrust your partner with twilight feedings. You may also find that when your breasts are swollen, you can leave the expression work to the professionals to ease the pain.


What is Elvesteride?

gave Alvi Stride It’s the latest innovation in the breast pump space, and nursing moms will enjoy a lightweight and ultra-quiet piece of tech that packs a powerful punch. There are no restrictive strings so you can truly express yourself anytime and anywhere, be it in public or at the office without drawing attention. How’s that for discretionary expression? Make a call, watch TV, or catch up on laundry.

A mini-pumping powerhouse hospital with an impressive 10 settings to change intensity as well as stimulation (to induce hormonal responses by mimicking an infant) and expression (once the milk starts flowing) modes. Uses a grade motor. It gives you more detailed control to customize your expression – all the while remaining as peaceful and quiet as possible thanks to noise reduction technology.

Smart breast pump Also connects to the free Elvie app to allow you to track your pumping journey, a godsend in those early sleep-deprived moments. You can power the device remotely – so there’s no fumbling in your bra – as well as save your preferred settings for a seamless process with each session.

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For more portability than its competitors, the Stride weighs just 150g per cup and can fit discreetly in your bra. There are no bottles or wires that need to be connected and so there is no need for a funmbulistic act.

“Our mission is to empower women and enable them to achieve whatever their bodies desire, and to provide high-tech solutions to meet the most demanding needs of women’s bodies,” explains Tanya Bowler, CEO and co-founder of Elvi. The goal is to develop an ecosystem of products. Many stigmas and challenges associated with breastfeeding and pumping still remain. Elvesteride gives more women the opportunity to pump discreetly and on their own terms.

Specs at a glance

  • The weight: 150 grams per cup
  • Ability: 5 oz / 150 ml
  • power: Hospital-grade strength (up to -300 mmHg (single) or -270 mmHg (double)
  • Setting: 10 levels of intensity.
  • Modes: Motivation and mode of expression
  • ability: Connect to the free Elvie app.
  • Single or double pumping
  • Cleaning a closed system is so easy.
  • Rechargeable
  • size: Three are available.

What is the difference between Elvi Pump and Elvi Steroid?

Stride follows in the footsteps of the brand. Elve pump, a hands-free device that is smaller and quieter than this new addition. While both are designed for discretion and boast smart app features, the Elvi pump is completely tube-free. It gives moms the game-changing freedom to move anywhere and feel confident.

Meanwhile, the Elvie Stride offers hospital-grade performance with more advanced pumping technology and a tiny motor that sits outside the bra that you can clip to a belt or clothing for complete freedom of movement and peace of mind. .

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