The epidemic affects mental health.

Juarez CityFeeling depressed, angry or stressed most of the day for simple reasons like lack of ability to resolve conflict at home, work or school are the first signs of preventing serious illnesses like mental health care and anxiety. Stress.

Since 1995, the World Federation for Mental Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) have celebrated Mental Health Day on October 10, with the aim of raising awareness about such issues and dispelling some common myths and stigmas. ۔

According to the WHO, as countries have enacted laws restricting movement and reducing the number of infections caused by the Covid 19 virus, more and more people are changing their daily routines. have done.

Many people with mental illness do not identify their condition as natural.

Some of these are related to the so-called ‘new reality’, where there are dynamics such as teleworking, temporary unemployment, home education and lack of physical contact with family, friends and colleagues which takes time to get used to. ۔

According to Mariana Salcido, Mental Health Area Coordinator for Sanitary Jurisdiction II, adapting to these lifestyle changes can be especially difficult for people with the disorder.

“Mental health includes everything, it’s emotional and psychological well-being, it’s our social circle, it’s in all aspects of our lives. When something hurts, it affects the way we think, how we feel. That’s how we act, which is why it’s so important to be able to identify which aspects are affecting us.

The official pointed out that sometimes it is easy for a person to know when he has a headache or abdominal pain, so he immediately seeks help from a doctor, but when it comes to mental health. This is not always easy, as sometimes the sufferer may associate his or her discomfort with a “normal life”, so he or she may not realize that his or her “permanent grief”, anger, or stress problem is a health issue. Can become

‘It can affect quality of life’

“People don’t realize that their mental health problems can be a condition that is affecting their age, their personal relationships, their productivity, their contact with family, and they leave it. Granted, and it’s not okay, one should be aware that being tired or depressed, having trouble sleeping or eating, has to do with more serious illness symptoms, “he commented.

The most common consultations with psychiatrists and psychologists in Ciudad Juárez, according to Health Jurisdiction II information, are related to anxiety and depression, as well as parents to solve children’s problems, partners and conflicts or competencies. Lack of ability is essential for work and school life.

Salcido Gandara pointed out that not setting boundaries in the workplace, exceeding working hours, eating late, not sleeping well or using other substances that make the body feel healthy, such as pills, coffee or alcohol, Symptoms are people who need to be taken care of, so the best advice is to go to a specialist for therapy.

“There are levels of mood disorders, more than moderate ones. The first are the ones we can deal with on a daily basis, but to the extent that we don’t pay attention to them, our skills become faster and worse. And become incapacitated, until they reach a point where they can no longer live to be treated with therapy, but require a psychiatrist and take some medications, such as antidepressants, only on these warning lights. Not paying attention, “he added.

There is no age for mental illness.

This type of problem can occur in people of any age, from children to the elderly, however, there are still ugly scars that exacerbate the situation, making it difficult for the affected person to decide on their care in time. It becomes difficult.

“There are a lot of civil societies and public bodies today that provide psychological care and work a lot on this kind of issue. However, the fear of what they will say doesn’t come to many people for advice or fear We are also currently collaborating with a mental health table, where the goal is to reduce this stigma and help people have better access to better care. ۔

Ciudad Juárez has 12 health centers in charge of local health, such as Todos Somos Mexico, Anapra, Louis Estavillo, CAAPS ilaguilas de Zaragoza, Revolución Mexicana, Galeana, Independencia and Azteca, among others, which offer psychiatric care. ۔ In addition to the Comprehensive Mental Health Center (CISame)

“The most important thing is that if they do not have access to medical care, people have the right to an affidavit, which is completely free and it provides assistance. In the case of health centers, if interested, If the party has the right, they are charged at least 105 for three consultations, however, if they do not belong to any health institution, they are provided free care.

According to the State Secretariat of Health, from January to September this year, about 12,000 attention was paid to the mental health sector in the jury, with only 16,946 services provided during 2020. .

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