The EU is drafting legislation to draft the “Judgment Day” protocol.


He said the EU has drafted legislation aimed at strengthening the bloc’s hand in taking action against Britain over possible breaches of the Brexit withdrawal agreement and the EU-UK trade agreement.

This comes just weeks after the UK introduced legislation to empower ministers to subvert elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, on which the UK and the European Union have jointly agreed to allow the Irish land border to flow freely. Briggs agreed as part of the evacuation agreement.

Fine Gail MEP for Ireland South Sean Kelly has been appointed central author to finalize the draft legislation, which looks at the steps in the post-Brexit trade agreement if one party does not live up to its obligations. So is retaliation possible?

He told the PA news agency: “So basically, we will present at the table the steps that will be taken if they continue on this path, and give the commission a chance on how to do it.”

“They’ll see there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re not going to let that happen. Once you cross the Rubiken, the results are clear.”

Mr Kelly said Britain had become an “unreliable diplomatic partner” under Boris Johnson, and that the European Union needed the right tools to protect itself.

“Britain is not coming to the table and they are playing games for political reasons.

‘Take back control’ was a wonderful phrase that had no meaning.

“They are pretending that they can solve everything and that’s not a big deal, and they can break international law and that’s not a big deal, and they want the results of the Northern Ireland Assembly elections Can ignore where the majority was in favor of protocol and that’s no big deal.

“I hope so and I’m almost certain that Britain will step back from the brink.”

He said the red and green lanes would be discussed if the UK withdrew from tabling legislation seeking to change the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Asked if the EU expected a unilateral response from Britain after years of Bridgett negotiations, Mr Kelly said: “You were kind; but you were thinking that your That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Mr Kelly added: “‘Take back control’ is a wonderful phrase that has no meaning.

The draft regulation sets out rules for governing EU rights under both Brexit agreements, which, if initiated, could result in the suspension of certain obligations under the relevant agreement.

“In the event of a breach of the agreed trade terms, the regulation will give the Commission the power to impose restrictions on trade, investment or other activities covered by the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.”

“The bill has to go through two or three hearings in the House of Commons and it can take ages. Where do we stand? “

These measures will then have to be approved by the European Council and the European Parliament.

Mr Kelly said this would prevent further “gossip” when the European Commission controversially proposed in early 2021 a protocol in response to a row with the UK over the supply of the CoVID-19 vaccine. Article 16 can be activated.

“So it will not happen on this occasion. According to the agreements, everything will happen,” he said.

When asked if there were reports of tariffs on the EU’s “hit list” that would hurt Boris Johnson in key circles, Mr Kelly said he had not heard.

“I doubt if this would be the case, [tariffs] Everyone has to be embraced, they have to be treated equally.

“I would say it’s going to be difficult to do, and at the moment it’s probably a little small.”

When the draft legislation is finalized in the coming weeks, the European Parliament’s report on the new rules will be put to a vote in the committee before proceeding to a full vote.