The excitement of the Jas planes is shining brightly as the battle for the roster spot continues.

Observations from the Jets Training Camp on Wednesday

Mellon Ranger.

Wide receiver Josh Mellon had a strong day, making three long catches from backup quarterback Mike White. Mellon will have to fight for a roster spot, but he did have some good moments at camp.

Fly, honey.

Dealing with the fly on the left. Packers had a hard time with linebacker Preston Smith, who beat him for two sacks (if handled from there) and a few other times put pressure on Zach Wilson.

Caught my eye

Cornerback Julien Gaidri made a good play near the goal line during a two-minute drill. It forced Aquinas St. Brown to receive packers on the 1 yard line, preventing touchdowns.

Josh Mellon.
Josh Mellon.
Robert Sebo for the New York Post.

Zac Wilson’s Day.

Wilson The offensive line was under a lot of pressure in practice with the struggle. He was “fired” seven times by my count. He passed 12 out of 23, but two of them were incomplete.

Medical result

Safety Lamarks Joiner (back) was a new addition to the list of injured and did not practice. LG Alijah Vera-Tucker (pectoral) underwent individual exercises for the first time in two weeks. Rookie CB Jason Panuck sat out with an unknown injury. TE Ryan Griffin (hamstring) did not practice.


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