The family of a young woman murdered by a jealous partner speaks of their devastation

The heartbroken brother of a woman killed by her boyfriend spoke of her gentleness and caring nature.

eamy Wyrebek spoke after David Lukas Mietus was told he should serve a minimum of 20 years in prison for the murder of Patricia Wyrebek.

The Court has heard that there have been reports of domestic violence in the past.

The younger brother of Ms Vyrebek, who moved from Poland to Northern Ireland with her family in 2006, said she texted him months before the tragedy that Mietus had threatened to kill her.

The 20-year-old was working at a nursing home in Belfast when she met her killer via Facebook.

She quit her job and moved to Newry to live with him in December 2019.

He beat and choked her to death on August 2, 2020 in a jealous rage.

He added to her family’s grief by claiming to be defensive about “rough sex”. He told police that he and Patricia shared an interest in erotic asphyxia and she accidentally died during consensual sex.

“We knew it [it] not true. The police were able to tell us that she was hit on the head with a heavy object,” Mr. Vyrebek said.

“It still hurts that he said that. He tried to blacken my sister’s name. It didn’t work. We knew that what he said was not true.”

In sentencing to life in prison, Judge O’Hara noted the false claim that Patricia died in a botched sex game, which the judge said was “an attack on her good name”.

On the day of the murder, Mietus rode his bicycle to his aunt’s house and said that he had killed Patricia. Her partner walked a short distance to Mietus’ house, where he found Ms. Vyrebek’s body in the bathtub.

Mietus was soon found with a knife in a nearby garden. He was shot with a taser and arrested after a standoff.

An autopsy showed that Ms. Vyrebek died from “compression of the neck combined with blunt trauma to the head.” She suffered multiple injuries, including a broken nose and cheekbone, cut lips, and extensive bruising on her head and face.

Mr Justice O’Hara said that despite Mietus’ various testimonies, it was clear that he was “immature and jealous” and a quarrel about ex-partners after drinking appears to have “provoked this rude and fatal attack” .

The Newry Crown Court, sitting in Belfast, heard that the defendant had moved here in February 2019 and met with Ms Vyrebek in December of that year. They soon moved in together.

Police were present at a domestic incident at the couple’s home in March 2020. Four months later, a second violent incident occurred at a family barbecue.

The judge stated that the victim impact claims were filed by Ms. Vyrebek’s father, stepmother and two of her four siblings, aged 10 and 17.

He told the court that Patricia’s loved ones “were and remain crushed by a loss they cannot understand.”

“They describe what a fun and happy young woman she was – close to her family, caring and loved,” he said.

“They miss her laugh and how she helped them in so many ways.”

After the verdict, Ms. Vyrebek’s stepmother Ivona said the family was devastated.

“Patricia was a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her and had so many plans for the future,” she added.

“She was a happy and beautiful person. She must be alive today to carry out her plans and be with her family.

“Patricia was a loving stepdaughter that I will always love. She will always be in my heart.”

Patricia’s brother said that his sister is caring and kind.

“She was always checking on me, calling me after work and bringing me food,” he said.

“I don’t think the sentence is long enough – it should have been longer.

“Since Patricia was killed, I have had a son, Anthony Joseph Weireback. He is now four and a half months old. Patricia was always talking about the fact that I have children, and now he is here, she never got to meet him, and he will never know what a brilliant aunt he had.

Justice Minister Naomi Long said the ban on protection from rough sex began on April 28.

“Now he is acting in accordance with the law, which I very much applaud.” she said.

“The attempt by those who attempt to cause serious injury or harm, up to and including death, to intimate partners and then attempt to defend themselves that it was the wrong ‘rough sex’ is a deliberate attempt to shift the blame onto the victim, avoiding taking responsibility for their aggressive behavior and cause great pain and suffering to grieving families.”