The FBI has shared details of the 3 3 million plot to assassinate Kobe Bryant.

A Swiss bodybuilder living in California offered اے 3 million to NBA legend Kobe Bryant to kill a Colorado woman who accused him of abusing a rental scheme for immovable murder. ۔

A. 17 page report Details from 2003 show that Patrick Greber, then 31, made an offer to Bryant via the Federal Express, saying he could “fix the problem with the Star Shooting Guard’s rape case.”

Bryant’s security staff and attorney sent the letter to investigators, who set up a control meeting with Greber, who offered to “influence” Bryant’s rape allegations and witnesses if those efforts failed. Offered to go “all the way” to remove.

According to the FBI, the deputies informed Bryant’s accuser of the threat. According to the report, Greiber was arrested in September 2003 after meeting with FBI investigators in an attempt to collect his first 1 million payment, who allegedly stole money from Hollywood movie sets. He had arranged the payment.

Kobe Bryant
In 2003, a 19-year-old woman accused Kobe Bryant of raping her in a hotel room in Eagle, Colorado.
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The document reveals that Greber, a Swiss citizen who lived in El Segundo for two years, worked as a trainer at the Gold Gym in Venice. This month, he was charged with one count for murder and one count for disappointing a witness. The Los Angeles Times reported..

Greber, who faced nearly 10 years in prison, was sentenced in 2004 to three years in prison for attempted murder.

Bryant’s 19-year-old accuser claimed that the five-time NBA champion raped him in a hotel room in Eagle, Colorado in 2003 while he was in town for knee surgery. The Denver Post reported..

Patrick Greber was sentenced to three years in prison and deported to Switzerland for his crimes.
Patrick Greber was sentenced to three years in prison and deported to Switzerland for his crimes.
AP / Lucy Nicholson

Bryant, then 24, insisted the encounter with the hotel’s front desk clerk was consensual, but was charged with aggravated sexual assault. The charge was eventually dropped 14 months after the woman refused to testify. According to the Denver Post, he and Bryant later settled a civil lawsuit and the Lakers star apologized but pleaded not guilty.

Greber, meanwhile, was extradited to Switzerland after pleading guilty to major theft and serving three years in prison. According to the Daily Beast. It did not respond to a request from the outlet on Thursday.

Bryant, 41, and his 13-year-old daughter Guyana were killed in a helicopter crash in January 2020.


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